News and Updates on the Rigs of Rods truck simulator, based on an advanced soft-body physics engine.

Monday, January 21, 2008

0.34 is out!

After much delay, version 0.34 is finally out, with a truckload of features and fixes.
  • Lots of new vehicles and new maps (thanks to the authors of all these great mods!)
  • Airplane autopilot, with instruments approaches
  • Enhanced airplane propeller model (multi-element blades)
  • Tropospheric modeling of the atmosphere
  • Enhanced keymap and joystick configuration
  • Custom particle effects (to make firefighters happy :-)
  • Enhanced map
  • ...
Thomas helped me a lot to make this release. Thanks also to the beta testers for their help to fix the bugs. The project becomes gigantic with more than 45k lines of C++ code and a project workspace of more than 2Gigabytes!
The MacOSX and Linux port will come online in a couple of days.