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Friday, August 05, 2005

Origins of RoR

Some previous games related to RoR, and sources of inspiration for me:
    • 1nsane by Codemasters: the same feeling of complete off-road freedom in a natural landscape. Also the cars are flexible objects, but not the wheels.
    • Pontifex (also known as BCS) by ChronicLogic: similar physics engine, but for bridge building. RoR is a kind of "Pontifex on wheels", but lacks for the moment a truck editor.
    • Hard Truck 2 by softlab-NSK: because of trucks of course! Interesting game logic based on economics that may be integrated in RoR one day...


Anonymous Mike said...

AWSOME....i thought this ROR game reminded me of these games...all are nice games to play btw...especially ROR

14/4/06 06:48


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