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Saturday, August 20, 2005

RoR 0.13 - Performance Release

A big progress has been made on the performance front. This release runs about 2x faster than the previous one! Also at startup more rendering options are available to fine-tune performances to your video card.
You can adjust:
  • Shadow techniques: None/Texture/Stencil. Texture shadows is the best compromise. Stencil shadows are slower, and are still buggy.
  • Texture filtering: None/Bilinear/Trilinear/Anisotropic. Anisotropic are really the best looking, and the performance is good on recent cards.
  • Motion Blur: This is just for fun. Motion blur is... well... blurry!
Now with a 3GHz processor you can expect around 40fps. And slower processor can run the game too!


Anonymous klay king said...

Dude! I'm the first person to comment on this! : p

18/10/06 08:34

Anonymous klay king said...

And the only one too!!! : )

18/10/06 08:35


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