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Sunday, December 18, 2005

RoR 0.19 is out

A new update before christmas...
This one features:
  • A new semi-truck, in a classic european configuration (2x4 plus 6 wheels trailer).
  • Plastic deformations: in case of a crash, the chassis structure deforms.
  • Stencil shadows done right! I solved most of the bugs that made this shadow mode unusable. Give it a try, they are gorgeous! But they requires a lot of power from the GPU.
  • Optimized collision system. Now the green crane truck is faster.
  • A better internal camera. In internal view you are placed at the driver's position, and on some trucks (the blue and the yellow) you can even see the beginning of what will be a 3D cockpit.
  • And last but not the least, a multithreaded mode that makes a 30% performance gain on a Hyperthreading CPU (like a P4 HT) and possibly doubles the performances of a dual-core CPU!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Waaah man you rock!

This game remains a mystery to me.. it is so damn entertaining and fun! And purely fascinating.. no levels, no rewards in the classical sense - but still, one just can´t quit playing!

19/12/05 10:27

Blogger pricorde said...

Thanks man!
But wait until there is a reward system, a truck builder, and a multi-truck system. That's what I plan to do, but I do it on my free time so the progress is slow...

19/12/05 20:21

Anonymous Pierre Girboux said...

Super, je vais pouvoir encore m'amuser ;-)
Bonne continuation, on en reparlera à la Huette l'année prochaine.


20/12/05 14:46

Anonymous Anonymous said...

it is great that it will be faster than the previous serie


and it does not metter how long it takes that you can make the game
you have so good beta game that i love it

20/12/05 19:26

Anonymous Anonymous said...

how can i turn the truck in reverse???

22/12/05 16:49

Anonymous Anonymous said...

it works great this version is faster than that from o.18

22/12/05 16:51

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think that the chassi is to flexibel i can wait to 1 minute for the truck stops whit flex

22/12/05 17:37

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love this game but now i hope for more trucks and faster hydraulics

mayby you can make that as you have him in gear n and parking braker on adjust the speed of the hydraulics whit trothle because how faster the krankshaft spins des te more pressure you have

sorry for my bat english

22/12/05 23:41

Anonymous pjcast said...

Just tried you demo on a dual 1800 CPUs with a GF4 ti4200 and got acceptable framerates at 800x600.. Nice job. Keep up the good work! - though, it crashed on GL when selecting a map, though D3D worked great.

23/12/05 23:19

Anonymous Anonymous said...

that wult be a sweet car

or one of those

26/12/05 22:37

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i find it to hard to rotate the crane
mayby it is that because you use with a kind of hydraulic but mayby you can use something like the wheels that wult be sweet

26/12/05 22:46

Anonymous Anonymous said...

a happy newyear

26/12/05 22:46

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i hope that will be in the next update

- beter grip
- havier trucks but with the same traction
-more trucks
-more buildings
-faster hydraulics(mayby you can set the speed self somehow)

those thing does not have to be apply in version 0.20 but mayby in that is will be solft in version 0.80 or something like that

ps i love this game it is faster than 18 wheels of steel convoy on my pc (18wos convoy has not yet a good engine)

i hope that there a fast a new version is
i can't wait


27/12/05 17:03

Blogger pricorde said...

Thanks a lot for your feedback!
I will try to take your comments into account in future versions.
Happy New Year!

27/12/05 18:56

Blogger trucker0werner said...

happy newyear evrybody

28/12/05 16:01

Blogger trucker0werner said...

that woult you get as you drive to fast over a hill in the game

COOL and i can still drive the vehicle :D

30/12/05 00:06

Blogger trucker0werner said...

the water effect is just great

31/12/05 15:25

Blogger trucker0werner said...

i am a bit depresed because hans bekx team sport and de rooy not make go from start in dakar
i hate that we dutch people

31/12/05 15:52

Blogger trucker0werner said...

i will love as you can bild a lowboy trailer or something like that (because i love extreme transportaggjen)

31/12/05 17:46

Anonymous Luccks said...

Hello! I´m see one pick of your new game on the Yahoo Widget "Picture Frame" (playing aleatory Flick´s photos on the desktop). Interessing no? I´ll download and test now. And will show im my blog. (Brazil). Tank´s man. Congratulations! "Feliz Ano Novo".

31/12/05 22:58

Blogger pricorde said...

trucker0werner, thanks for the heads-up on the de Rooy team, I did not had time to follow the Dakar. This is truly horrible for them!!!
Could you send me a link to a picture of what you call a "lowboy trailer or something like that" ?

1/1/06 13:34

Blogger trucker0werner said...

perhaps you can bult the scania also only that will be hard to do

there you can see diffrent trailers
and you can than press on the image for more image
the eurodiepladers is the same as lowboy trailers
mayby it is posible to make that the trailer has also a turning wheels


2/1/06 16:09

Blogger pricorde said...

Okay, I see now. One problem with these is that there are a lot of wheels.
Wheels takes a lot of computing power to simulate.
Typically, the computing cost of simulating a chassis is the same as for simulating a set of four wheels. So simulating a 8-wheeler is 50% slower than a 4 wheeler, and a 12 wheeler as the scania you propose will be two times slower than a 4 wheeler.

At the same time I try to keep the physics fast because in multi-truck mode you may need to simulate several trucks a the same time.
Also I plan to try more complex wheels , with rims and tires, so I avoid trucks with too much wheels for the moment.

2/1/06 20:40

Blogger trucker0werner said...

oh that is not bad perhaps you can make it whit one wheel at the trailer only than is can oly lift 5 to 20 ton mayby whit the same truck as the semitraler daf
or something like the same asser but than whit a scania r-serie

that is the carosserie that i love only this is a diffrent combonation but that is also oke

2/1/06 21:20

Anonymous Anonymous said...

this will also a beutifull truck
expectly the crane

6/1/06 17:53

Anonymous Anonymous said...

mayby you can bult the swan neck that will be sweet for a multi-truck than can we drive a truck on the trailer get in a other truck and drive it for the trailer than whit f-keys we attached the trailer to the truck

6/1/06 19:52


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