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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Agora L articulated bus

This is a Paris RATP articulated bus. I made it just for fun, because I ride it every day to go to work. The handling is horrible offroad, because of the low ground clearance and the rear propulsion. It's a challenge to haul this up on a hill without jack-knife it, so you'd better stay on the road with this one!


Anonymous Mac Dude said...

no challange to haul it up a hill now.I made it AWD.

7/6/06 23:53

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this truck!!!

12/8/06 01:31

Anonymous Kirill said...

Can you make a one-section bus???

I always brake the holder! :P

29/8/06 19:28

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This roxx!

24/10/06 01:35

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i want to play this but the looks of this it is cool

3/11/06 05:36


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