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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Finally RoR 0.20

Here comes the long awaited 0.20 version. This one is a major technical step toward a scenarized game.
  • Now you can have several trucks simultaneously in the scenery. The loads have been "detached" from their truck, and can be manipulated by any truck. Trucks and loads are declared in the terrain file, and the user chooses one extra truck at startup.
  • To go from truck to truck, an animated character has been added (as in Grand Theft Auto). A typical trucker character is under construction, but is not yet ready, so I had to resolve to use a scary robot that is given with Ogre3D as an interim character.
  • Major 3D optimizations has been made. Framerate should be up! (but if several trucks are interacting, the physics simulation is slower)
  • Hyper realist water, with reflection, refraction and fresnel effect. The same technique as in Half Life 2! Requires a recent video card. The water physics is also implemented, see the trucks sinking or floating, and watch out for engine stalling.
  • Easyest and more reliable locking.
Note that this version has still some problems with truck-truck collision, and does not adds new trucks that could uses these new features (like truck carriers and rescue trucks) : this will come later. You can try to tow most trucks with the chains of the multibennes truck.
Beware: this version requires DirectX 9c so if it does not start, update your DirectX.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh yes yes yes finantly its here

15/1/06 22:26

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this game. I spent allot of hours with this game. The physics are so advanced and you are making allot of progress. If you keep it up it will be GREAT! i make allot of trucks in 3D and i wonder if you plan some high-poly trucks in the game?

15/1/06 23:22

Anonymous Anonymous said...

wondered if you ever thought of doing like backhoes, front loaders and such. i think your cranes would be a perfect move towards this. only thing you would have to figure out is the removal of "dirt" and or piles of dirt. could use a dump truck to move it as well ;) great job btw!

16/1/06 06:05

Blogger pricorde said...

Thanks guys!
For the high poly trucks, it is not possible yet as the truck geometry is limited by their structural beams. It would require to "morph" a mesh with the beams to have more polys. Maybe one day...
About that I am searching for a royalty-free texture of a scania cab...

For the backhoe and dirt, I too though about that, the "dirt" physics is the hard part, expecially the optimization. I will try this someday...


16/1/06 10:04

Anonymous Anonymous said...

on this site you can get a steer of a scania because a steer must turn

18/1/06 19:09

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice program. Is it possible to set up larger terrains (use PLSM)? I have made another terrain, but is there a program to convert/make roads and place house from a file with xyz posistion?

18/1/06 23:02

Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice trailer

18/1/06 23:14

Anonymous Anonymous said...

there you can have models (the same as pris-dakar DAF de rooy)

mayby you want a train in the game i don't now but it is fun to have some one

than you can drive truck on trailers to be shipt by us
so we can drive the trains also
as that can

19/1/06 14:58

Blogger pricorde said...

A little feedback:
-Thanks for the Scania link, they have an incredible amount of material on their web site (photos and blueprints). I plan to build a big Scania wrecker soon.
-for custom terrains, you can place houses by editing the .terrn file. Each line is x,y,z, rotx, roty, rotz, name
Where name is the name of a .odef. For roads see my recent blog post. I should add a tutorial on modifying RoR but I have not enough time...
-PLSM is on the list... I have also to switch from Audiere to OpenAL for 3D sound.
-The trailer is nice but the performances are horrendous when loaded... trying to optimize...
-Don't expect trains soon, but I caress the idea of boats or amphibious trucks...

Regards, and thanks for your feedback!

20/1/06 18:09

Anonymous Anonymous said...

where can we get lowloader for semi truck

22/1/06 19:45

Blogger jamie_mc said...

where can i get the lowloader and whens new update out?

24/1/06 00:17

Blogger pricorde said...

Patience please, the lowloader will be in the next version, ... which will be out when it will be ready... Remember I do this on my free time, all alone.

24/1/06 14:19

Anonymous Anonymous said...

mayby you can say how you do it and so that we can help you by making or ones trucks or buildings

24/1/06 16:19

Anonymous Anonymous said...

can u give me a ruff date when it will be out

24/1/06 16:58

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i could make a swan neck lowloader for u pricode with 3ds max and my mate will texture itif u want me to help you

24/1/06 17:31

Blogger pricorde said...

Okay, I prepare a Wiki to document the file format, just give me some time.


26/1/06 23:54

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok u want me to make one then?

27/1/06 18:57

Blogger pricorde said...

Sorry, but trucks can not be made with a modeler like 3ds. You need to model by the hand the structural chassis, then make the body over it, like in a construction game. The principle is very similar to Geomag, with the balls being the nodes, the magnets being the beams and the panels the body elements.
This will be explained in the Wiki.

28/1/06 22:35

Blogger ramex000 said...

how can i download ?

26/12/08 11:04


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