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Monday, January 16, 2006

RoR is one of the featured Ogre3D project

Today Rigs of Rods has the honor to be presented in the Featured Projects of the Ogre3D graphics engine, with lots of good screenshots. We appreciate this, and we owe a lot to the great work of the Ogre team, so thanks Ogre!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

whens the lowloader out i want it

21/1/06 18:44

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would like offer you download space for this wonderful game. My servers have been clocked at a download rate of 700 kb p/s. I get 33.3 Gigabytes of bandwith a month. If you are interested in this offer please respond. Thank You, CEO ZPGames.

25/1/06 01:19

Blogger werner said...

on filefront you can get unlimited space and unlimited bandtwitch and it is al for free whit up to 15 diffrent servers only for hosting

thay have in total more than 30 TB (30720gb)of data on there servers

they have 15 hosting servers (for things like this download is more than 280kb/s for one person and you have a wait time about 5 sec.)

you have 15 free server

and 1 fast server (this cost only 5 dollar per year you don't get any specaily for this )

check it out on

25/1/06 16:30

Blogger pricorde said...

Thanks for the hosting offers. For the moment I have no bandwidth problems, and I prefer to stay independant.


26/1/06 23:57

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well in that case can I link to your site. I think this is a great game.

27/1/06 03:28

Blogger pricorde said...

Of course you can link :-)
Thanks a lot,

27/1/06 13:15

Anonymous luder said...

Nice Game,

greets from german trucksims forum.

29/1/06 18:02


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