News and Updates on the Rigs of Rods truck simulator, based on an advanced soft-body physics engine.

Friday, February 03, 2006

RoR 0.21

A new version is available. This one features not a lot of code improvement, but adds two very interesting trucks:
  • A wrecker truck, and the beginning of a Rescue mission: when you are stuck, press "R" and you are teleported to the nearest wrecker truck
  • A truck carrier trailer. Funny, but it requires a lot of CPU power to operate with a truck on it.
I also corrected some bugs, and changed a bit the camera mode.



Blogger werner said...

this is just great i am starting to download it


3/2/06 15:25

Anonymous Anonymous said...

maybe you can build a garage where all off the trucks and trialer steh

3/2/06 15:51

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey I'm trying this game, but I don't know how to start driving.
I start the game, choose a terrain and a truck and than I'm in the world, but I can't start my truck.

3/2/06 19:44

Blogger werner said...

you must walk to one truck get in the truck (enter) and than you can drive

3/2/06 20:36

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi i found a bug its road u cant get the guy to walk on road he sinks under neath it

4/2/06 13:05

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think the man must for the system be taken as a vehicle
because a vehicle cant drive throgh other buildings and road

4/2/06 13:34

Blogger ZPGamez said...

How do you get the ramps for the trailer down. I can't drive a truck up onto it.

4/2/06 17:38

Anonymous Anonymous said...

f5 and f6 to get em up

4/2/06 18:17

Anonymous Anonymous said...

you must play whit the F-keys
1 is up 2 is down
3 is up 4 is down
5 is up 6 is down
and so on

4/2/06 19:32

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anybody have problem for downloading the '' file ? Seems to be corrupted when I try to open it.
Too bad as it looks really great

5/2/06 11:06

Anonymous Anonymous said...

whit me is was 8 kb/s but i don't know if is the fault of the serever or my pc
on filefront i had than know problem to get 500 kb/s after ror 0.21 was finished

5/2/06 14:25

Blogger pricorde said...

Thanks for the feedback and discussion. I don't think there is something wrong with the archive.
I do know about the "walking thru roads" bug. I just did not had time to fix it yet. I released the 0.21 anyway so you can play with the new trailer and the wrecker.
There are a lot of stuff to fix, progress is slow, but steady (I have a life too ;-)


6/2/06 16:54

Blogger werner said...

pricorde, you have right

7/2/06 16:19

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have no problem to download (rate is random but may depend of server sollicitation) but I can not open main Zip file (neither 0.21 nor 0.20) although Extra terrains archive works fine. I use winzip 10 and tried to download files again several times without more success.

10/2/06 11:20

Blogger pricorde said...

That's weird.
I downloaded and tested the files with Winzip 9.0 SR-1 (6224) and they are good.
The exact file size is: = 21 744 646 bytes = 22 427 966 bytes

If the files are the same size, you should try another unzip software (like WinRAR, that does .zip too).
If the files are not the same size, something went wrong in the download (probably on your side). Try emptying cache and re-download, or use another software to download. Maybe you use a proxy that botched things, I don't know.


10/2/06 13:52

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Than You for answering. I will try again this evening.


10/2/06 14:11

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bravo !
Je vais encore être infidèle à mon simu préféré ;-)

Pierre, X-Planien de la Huette

10/2/06 15:46

Blogger pricorde said...

Merci Pierre!
Passe le bonjour aux autres!


12/2/06 17:42

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great game! Finally a simulation of trucks, with Hydralic Equipment too!!! :D
At this rate it looks like the software's going to be one of the most feature-rich simulation out there.

One suggestion: when you press escape, the game exits to windows, A small pain when experimenting with trucks nad have to repeatedly go back into the game. Making the game exit to menu instead of windows makes playing easier.

Hope you keep on improving this!

13/2/06 00:16

Anonymous Anonymous said...

yer or a real farm u can drive machines from digers loader tractors etc

13/2/06 01:15

Anonymous James said...

Had fun playing with the wrecker, that sure is one Great addition.

However, it seems like ropable nodes on other trucks are very few, as I tried repeatedly to flip upright an overturned Paris-Dakar DAF De Rooy, but couldn't get the winch to latch onto any ropable nodes.

And you might've known this already, but when in the in-cab view of the DAF De Roy, the terran becomes invisible and only other in-game objects such as roads nad buildings remain.

Very interesting physics behind this game though, truely Very similar to Pontifex from a gamer's point of view. With a built-in truck editor or an easier way to apply textures the game will be a amateur modder's heaven.

Another question, does defining more nodes to be "ropable" on a truck make framerate drop? And also what's the radius around the ropable node within which the "hook" node has to be in in order for them to be connected? Is it the same for all nodes or is there a parameter for it?

13/2/06 06:06

Anonymous Anonymous said...

like your work very nice physics but trucks only. getting me bored .would/could there be normal cars anytime?

13/2/06 18:34

Blogger pricorde said...

Thanks for your encouragements!
To answer some questions:
-You have to quit the game to try another truck because I am too lazy to write the code that cleanly unloads a truck :D ... Sorry for the inconvenience, remember this is a pet project, not a commercial product.
-For the disappearing objects in in-cab view, and thru windows, this is due to subtle limits of hardware rendering. There is a solution, but it is a bit complex to set-up. I plan to fix this someday, along with a dream of interactive 3D cockpit!!!
-You are right on the built-in truck editor bonus. It is in my plans but it's a lot of work...
-For the ropable nodes: adding more ropable does not impact framerate, but you have to be carefull because if you have too much ropable nodes, you won't be able to predict where the ropes will attach. But you are right, maybe I will add ropables on the side of some trucks to help flipping rolled trucks. The radius of reach of a tie (a tie is a rope ("O" keypress) that automatically shortens, like in the wrecker) is defined in the second argument in the "ties" section.
-For the "normal car" question: normal cars gets me bored, everybody does it (expecially expensive ones). Trucks are different, and are interesting: they have weight and flex, comes in different shapes and axle configurations, and lots of fun with hydrolics! But if you want you can try to make a car ...(mmmh, I have to finish the wiki)

Kind regards to all!

13/2/06 20:33

Blogger werner said...

if there will be a car you can use hydraulics to set the ritehight for rof terain. mayby you can make it so that is bouns on the road (you can than as you drive jump whit the car sverel meters)

i agree whit you that every game use a car instead a truck but whit a car you can also do a lot of things.

a chopper or a normale motor is diffrent it is also fun but yo must than lean it in a bent that is for my a marsel art to do that whit any games to get that exact wright.

13/2/06 22:25

Blogger James said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

13/2/06 23:31

Blogger James said...

3D cockpit in final version?
sounds great.
took a look around the truck file, so the rate the hydros move IS set by the author of each truck.

For future versions, are you planning to make the keys which control the hydros redefinable? since now the limit is pretty much set to 6 hydros almost.

Another thing, how is the steering mechanism controlled? Didn't notice it in the wiki.

As to the hydro, how is it connected to the main engine? Every time the hydraulics is used the accelerator pedal depresses, so does engine rpm affect the speed at which the hydraulics work?

Final questions, are weather effects/day/night/lights for the trucks planned future featurs? as I believe 1nsane had for sure day/night races.

14/2/06 01:59

Blogger pricorde said...

-For the hydro keys, I think a part of the solution could be an interactive cockpit (click on commands) and/or different banks or modifiers (shift, ctrl) but don't expect this in the short term. I also thought of a cool thing: proportional hydro control with joystick (and FF!), just like real backhoes. Only problem is the few number of axis available...
-The steering mechanism is actually defined in the "hydro" section. The "real" hydros (e.g. for the crane) are defined in the "commands" section, that I have not yet documented. The section names are a little confusing, but I had no idea where I was going at the time I was implementing these stuff and it ended up like that.
-For the hydro power: the hydro pump engages only above a certain engine RPM. The accelerator depresses automatically to attain that target RPM. I have changed things in the last versions, and now if you shift to neutral and accelerate to higher RPM, the hydros work faster! (try it, it works with 0.21 and maybe even 0.20) The power produced by the hydros is taken to the engine.
-For weather effect, I plan to do some things, like a night mode, and truck lightning. The sky dome also needs a complete rework. But it is pretty difficult to find the good balance that gives a nice and realistic aspect (expecially finding the right colors).

Lots of thing to do, too little time...
Just take patience...


14/2/06 23:52

Blogger James said...

ah, so that's how everything works.
I'll probably take a shot at modifying some of the trucks over the next week and see how things turn out.
can't wait for new release :D

15/2/06 05:44

Blogger pricorde said...

I completed the wiki: I added the description of the "commands", "ties" and "ropes" sections in the truck description file.
I am also working on a step-by-step construction of a tutorial vehicule. It is not yet complete, but you can give it a look at

15/2/06 22:01

Anonymous Anonymous said...

looking good pricode can u make big farm yrads etc? i would love that and a digger go on that carrier

15/2/06 23:54

Anonymous DRracer said...

Hello, I'm a newcomer to RoR. I found your project on the Ogre3D featured projects page. After some time of playing I was very surprised by many interesting features you have here - sounds (I love the air-brakes sounds !), truck behaviour - great work !
Also I wanted to see, if your T813 behaves like a real Tatra. Real Tatra trucks are something different to "ordinary" trucks. Thanks to central-tube chassis and swinging half-axles Tatra trucks do not "bend" - the chassis is perfectly rigid even in rough terrain.
Anyway - RoR is a very interesting project and I'm looking forward to future versions.

Best regards,

18/2/06 21:02

Blogger pricorde said...

About farms: I'm sorry, but I don't intend to do farm stuff. I prefer to stay in the truck theme. But you can try to do farms yourself, since I have started to document the file formats.

ddracer: indeed my tatra T813 is half-axled, if you look closely. I made this truck to try this kind of geometry.
Your site looks cool. Do you work from photographs?


19/2/06 23:29

Anonymous Anonymous said...

kl whens new version can i be a bug tester for u

19/2/06 23:40

Blogger James said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

20/2/06 00:08

Anonymous Anonymous said...

whenss new version out pricode?

20/2/06 00:28

Anonymous drracer said...

pricorde: "...indeed my tatra T813 is half-axled, if you look closely. I made this truck to try this kind of geometry...."
Yes, I see now. I've had quite a lot of fun driving it in your virtual terrain. My previous comment was primarily to point-out the fact, that Tatra trucks do not bend in rough terrain like "conventional" trucks do - if you lie a window pane onto the flatbed of a Tatra, it won't break.

pricorde: "Your site looks cool."
Thanks a lot !

pricorde: "Do you work from photographs?"
Well, I don't want this to look like boasting or something, but yes - I make photos of each particular vehicle and then do the "hard work" directly in my VRML97 editor. In case there are no more existing vehicles, only archive photos have to be used for modelling (which is more challenging :) ). Also blueprints and dimensional sketches are used to model the vehicles as exactly, as possible.
Currently I'm playing with Ogre3D too, so that's how I came across your project.

20/2/06 17:40

Anonymous Sheep said...

Hello. I found your program yesterday, and I think it's a great idea. There are truck games about, but nothing like this. I really like your HIAB truck, but I find the arm on it, is a bit too floppy. I tried picking up the crate with it, but it wobbled around too much to load on the back of the truck. I found also, that the arm can't rotate properly to load a crate on the flatbed, or in some cases it would only rotate over the cab, but not the back of the lorry.

Would this be easy enough to mod, to make the arm a bit stronger and less likely to wobble about, and to make the arm able to swing over the rear of the truck instead of over the cab?

Other than that, great stuff! =D Keep up the good work!

20/2/06 18:26

Blogger pricorde said...

Sheep: I can't easily make the crane less floppy. The reason is that if you want stiffer elements, it will require more calculation steps, and hurt badly the framerate. This is a balance between rigidity and processing time.
Plus the wobbly wheels, chassis and crane are part of the fun. This is a change from all the other games that uses the simpler physic model of unconditionnaly rigid bodies. Take it as a challenge!
For the crane rotation, this is because I have not yet made a rotation hydro, and I had to fiddle with classic hydros. This is not too much a problem if you use swinging inertia to choose the direction.


21/2/06 14:10

Anonymous Sheep said...

Ah well, it's still very enjoyable! The wobbly wheels and chassis are a great touch, especially when they go off at weird angles after a tumble. I can't wait until you put in a rotation hydrolic now. =)

21/2/06 19:14

Anonymous jamie said...

i like the lights pricode keep up good work

22/2/06 01:26

Blogger James said...

Lights looks great!
Once night is implemented..... :D

22/2/06 04:42

Anonymous jamie said...

yer :d

22/2/06 12:48

Anonymous jamie said...

pricode i will create u a forum for ur game bud i will do it for this week

22/2/06 23:12

Anonymous jamie said...

link is

22/2/06 23:24

Anonymous jamie said...

Enjoy pricode!!

23/2/06 18:38

Blogger pricorde said...

Cool, now I have some serious fans ;-)


24/2/06 23:56

Anonymous jamie said...

yer im just helping u out with webpaging if u want a site let me know and i will get to work

25/2/06 08:48

Anonymous jamie said...

i hope that forum is use to u will keep fans and that up to date can u make a link on ur site please

25/2/06 08:48

Anonymous thomas said...

hi there,
really, really nice concept :)
but i tried to get it running under linux, it worked-partiently:
the game started and i can move the person-but nothing more :-/
btw, why do you make it closed source? when it was open i could at least compile a linux version that runs natively and smooth :)

also i could figure out why this is so slow . ;-)

thomas _AT_

26/2/06 13:23

Blogger pricorde said...

Thomas: have you tried to press "enter" to enter in the trucks?
RoR is a very demanding game, both for the CPU and the GPU.
I would love to make a Mac and Linux ports, but the code is still evolving very fast, and I would require external help to compile. Maybe later...

26/2/06 19:40

Blogger RicoViper said...

Hey ppl, I had this game before but I bought a new PC so installed the game here, but I can't drive any car/truck, it's really annoying, I press "UP or DOWN" (yes it's configured" but the car don't moveeee!!! Please help!!!

8/2/10 19:08


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