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Friday, March 10, 2006

RoR, the movie

I have made a movie showing RoR in action, for those that can't run it, or hesitate to try it.
You cant see it at:


Anonymous jamie said...

nice pricode whens new version out?

10/3/06 11:32

Blogger werner said...

it is a great movie i find the dashboard prity gut only what graphic but that can stil come it is great

Pricorde thanks to you i have a think to live whit it

10/3/06 17:28

Blogger werner said...

on the map nhelens there you can pick a load calt aflatbed on this load there is one site that is super but the orther site there is the skin not the same i can't solf this problem mayby you can ???

14/3/06 20:56

Blogger werner said...

nice combo where you have more than inuf space to please a special skin

15/3/06 20:37

Blogger werner said...

wohw a ofsome picture from that ferry that you have build just great can't wait to have it in the game

17/3/06 14:22

Anonymous Sheep said...

That container ship looks great. It'd be nice to see a port to go with it, with cranes and so on. Good stuff! =)

17/3/06 18:01


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