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Saturday, March 18, 2006

RoR 0.23: sounds good!

A new version is available. This one features:
  • 3D sound! I changed the audio library from Audiere to OpenAL. This was a pain, but the result is cool. The sound of each truck is positionned in space, and you can hear distance attenuation and Doppler effect (the sound is picked at the camera). Works even better with a 5.1 sound system. But see below for the catch.
  • Water for everybody: now there is three water rendering option. Basic has almost no overhead, Reflection is 2x slower to render, and Reflection+Refraction is 3x slower (but better if you can afford it).
  • A port and a new road in the North st Helens terrain, with a boat. Also in the distance a very large ship, which is a work in progress.
  • Several bug fixes.
Also, note that from now the trucks have their engine stopped by default (except the user-chosen truck), so you need to start them the first time you use them (press 'S').

About 3D sound: there seems to be a problem with some hardware-accelerated 3D sound card. My sound card (integrated SoundMAX) seems to have bugs in the sound attenuation function. Distance attenuation does not work properly, and some sounds are played with incorrect volume. These problems appears when the sound is hardware rendered. When the software mode is set, these problems disappears. Si I suppose the problem is in my sound card and not in my code. I am interested in your feedback, to know if on your system the hardware mode sounds as good as the software mode (e.g. does the sound level changes when the camera goes far away from the truck, in character mode), and which sound card you use.



Anonymous jamie said...

Hi what point having boat casue we cant drive t it doesnt seem to move and next realease can u add a multiplayer system as it would be fun then.

Cheers jamie

18/3/06 21:27

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Downloading now, been checking everyday and it's finally here. So exciting

18/3/06 23:09

Anonymous Mike said...

im sad now..the game wont start on my computer i keep getting a "could not load dynamic library error"

19/3/06 06:23

Anonymous jamie said...

pricorde theres a bug with road as u trun off to go to ship not bit to go to ship road

19/3/06 09:37

Anonymous Anonymous said...

OH i love this physics game! i have played it ever since the v0.17 and the development i still going strong.
i made a little tip/wish list for the game i the future;D

1 a curain trailer or a reefer trailer with doors/curtain that you can open from the side..
2 a forklift with cargo that can be loaded on the trucks/trailer
3 if possible? make 3d objects (trucks,trailers) high poly. The suspesion and cranes (and stuff like that)should be the same physics system you use now. the game should be allot smoother and runn faster and look great (if im not totaly wrong?)

Once again im a big fan of your great work KEEP IT UP!

19/3/06 20:00

Blogger James said...

Impressive advance! Wasn't able to play the game with reflection+refraction setting before, at least now there's water effects for those without high-end PC (64MB ATI Mobility Radeon, 1.5GHz, 512MB RAM), still slowdowns whenever a truck approaches another truck..
out of curiosity, is the engine parameter for piloting the boat/car carrier going to be user-defined in the future too? the same way trucks are defined in-game? I'm assuming that the boats are going to be player-controllable in the future.

Ran the game with sound in both hardware and software mode, sounds pretty much the same, tho I don't have a separate soundcard.

19/3/06 20:33

Blogger werner said...

i have also download it afcourse and i love the changes

that you must press s to start the engine of the orther trucks just great but can i also turn the engine of

the 3d sound engine just great the ship has a buatifull graphics and the light also works whit water (i have him on basic than i can get 10 fps on the top i have 2 to 3 fps)

Pricorde go whit this work it is just great

19/3/06 21:48

Blogger pricorde said...

Thanks to all for the feedback.
I am relieved to know that it is probably my sound card that does not work properly.
Mike: are you sure you are in Direct3D mode? Do you have the latest directx? Do you have a sound card?

For the boats: right now these are just part of the static scenery (they will give a good reason to haul things around). I don't know if I will make them controlable. The physics engine does not simulates buoyancy very accurately, but an amphibious truck may be an interesting project.


19/3/06 23:14

Anonymous jamie said...

yer pricorde go to me fan forum thers been two people having troubles with there game same proplem

20/3/06 00:43

Anonymous Anonymous said...

how do i download these things? like the version

26/3/06 01:46

Anonymous Jamie said...

Go to Forum you will get help there

26/3/06 03:10

Blogger James said...

On the right risde of the webpage, click on the "download Rigs of Rods",
it'll take you to a page to download V0.22 and V0.23 of the game.

26/3/06 03:26

Anonymous derek said...

how do i get mor trucks in my game i can only hav three

26/3/06 19:24

Blogger werner said...

go to the fansite and download the file of the city north st helens

you can also go to the forum and evrything will be explained

on this link you come dirct on the right please of the forum

26/3/06 21:32

Anonymous Sheep said...

Those new dashboards are looking really good. =)

30/3/06 17:00

Anonymous AK-47 said...

I saw this game 3 days ago. It rocks! Engine sounds are great, suspension modelling is great, terrain is cool possibilty of using a truck crane and other stuff is just top notch! I enjoy loading crates on the DAF crane flatbed and then delivering them to specific locations.

I wish there could be an option to load all the trucks in game, so I could change them whenever I want to use them for some even cooler actions. Load a crate on a flatbed of the daf ampliroll, then take that flatbed on the back and haul it to a "city" nearby. Then pick up an ampliroll container and deliver it back. Then after ended job with ampliroll go with a 4x4 crane to the ship and pick up a load from it and load it on another truck (maybe on a tatra) and deliver it to another "city". At the ship should be of course some crates or maybe a platform trailer, so that the semi could pick it up and go with it somewhere.
Of course some cargos should be already at some locations, so I won't be returning empty.
In every "city" should be a garbage container, so that skiploader jobs would be cool. And we should be able to deliver it to some big building which could be the utilization plant.
Jobs multitude is only bounded by the people, who are thinking about them.

The only thing, that makes me sometimes nerwous is that trucks are too gummy (especially the crane arm, while having a crate locked) and the lack of manual gearbox.

Differential management and winch would be fun to have and some slippery, boggy terrain.

If this is a good post don't hesitate to copy it on the forum, so that everyone would judge how much sense are my thoughts having :)

Best luck with You truck simulator Pricorde !

31/3/06 23:53

Anonymous Gearstix said...

This Game is Awesome. Checked out the Wiki, Tried to make the soapbox, but It Crashed my game. Anyway, Great Game, and Keep at it, I could just imagine what version 2.30 would look like!

1/4/06 00:09

Anonymous Jamie said...

wellall u need to do is change a few files if u go to teh forum i will do it for you

1/4/06 00:50


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