News and Updates on the Rigs of Rods truck simulator, based on an advanced soft-body physics engine.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Status update

It's been some time since the last update, so I think it's time to give some info on what's going on in RoR.
July was very quiet and did not see much progress. The highlight in August was the visit of Thomas in Paris, it was the first time we met in real life, and it was a great weekend, even if I forgot to select the Caelum sky during his stay.
Now the development is picking up speed with a huge reorganization of the source code, contents and build system, as well as major new features.
Thomas is helping me streamline the whole release process with his Python wizardry. The ultimate goal is to switch to an online installation and update system to simplify the maintenance of the game, and allow more frequent updates.
The focus of the new versions will be on mods and modders: I have no more time to manage contents, so I will concentrate on the code and let the mod community manage the contents with new tools for content management.
Feature-wise, there will be many goodies for modders like full flexmesh support, shaders with reflexion and damage maps, fully customizable sounds, and better friction physics!
There is still a lot of work left to finish this overhaul, and not much free time left in our busy lives, so I can't give any release date for now.

Thanks for your patience.


Blogger Solid said...

Thanks for the update, and we all look forward to the next release!

3/9/08 06:15

Blogger Nuno Barros said...

Looking foward to the update. Nice work ;)

3/9/08 16:37

Blogger pyllin said...

Waiting for that, take your time :)

4/9/08 19:02

Blogger Nuno Barros said...

pricorde, ça est un jeu genial! Je joue ça aprés la version 0.32... je fait une reference á ton (notre) jeu sur mon blog.
visitez-moi ;)

Pardon por mon français, il est trés faible...


30/10/08 12:11

Blogger hywelandcats said...

can't/will wait for the release
it seems like the forums are down atm though

2/11/08 12:12

Blogger O Cientista said...

I barely can wait for the new version.

12/11/08 00:55

Blogger SCORPIO said...

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17/11/08 06:29

Blogger samo® said...

its best game.I play it every day and i got all skins.
...sorry for my english

17/11/08 19:38

Blogger Jordan said...

Hey, love the game, cant wait to see some of the new features. Though its been a while since an update

1/12/08 20:19

Blogger DominuZ said...

Is this project dead? I really hope not....

26/12/08 17:26

Blogger Thomas said...

no, its not.
we are heavily working on 0.36 currently!

29/12/08 15:24

Blogger idunno ® said...

and no one bothered to say happy new year...


1/1/09 09:17

Blogger will said...

Whoa I havent checked this website in a while, and I was surprised to find it unchanged...

But, you guys are working hard, i know that much. Good luck with the next build!! (or version or update or whatever you want to call it)

7/1/09 02:40

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Blogger lascocs said...

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12/8/09 21:59


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