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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Network fix: 0.33d

Most of the network problems have now been fixed, so I re-release 0.33 in version 0.33d. This release includes some additional bugfixes to 0.33c (minor sound, graphics, map and vehicle fixes) so you are all encouraged to switch to the new version 0.33d.

No patch version of 0.33d will be available. Only the full download. As this update concerns only broadband network gamers, I don't think this will be a problem.



Blogger Raoul said...

Hi pricode
thank you for your fast network-fix

5/11/07 14:47

Blogger DanHaribo said...

i don't want to download it, and i have broad-band. i guess i'm just lazy :P

5/11/07 22:13

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Blogger Andrew Puay said...

I cannot play online. Help! When I click on update, it gives me this:

"You are using an old RoR client, please consider to update.

No servers running for your version
Please try again later

(Or try to setup your own server)"

20/9/08 14:13

Blogger Dennis said...

Where can i download this network fix because if i click on enable network and refresh it says no servers running for your version please try again later or try to setup you own server!!!! help plzz

24/11/09 16:32

Blogger gökhan said...

Perfect !! Now i go and use it in my site !

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18/9/10 12:47


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