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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Boats! (2)

Version 0.31 is not yet finished, but it will be worth the wait!

I just finished the waves model. It looks good! When you go far from the island, you will encounter very high swells. Bad waves can even break the boat!

Stay tuned!

Edit: I just found a video of the real thing. I need to add more spray!


Blogger kaffelars said...

Looks great, I'm really looking forward to it :)

19/2/07 08:40

Blogger vicvega said...

Great news, but video not working for me, youtube says : "video is not longer avaitable". :)

19/2/07 13:15

Blogger DanHaribo said...

WOW, you might want to change RoR'S name to world simulator :D

19/2/07 15:00

Blogger ZPGamez said...

Looks great Pricorde

19/2/07 18:52

Blogger Matt said...


20/2/07 10:35

Blogger kaffelars said...

If you add more spray, I guess I will have to add more hardware ;)
But I suppose it's worth it!

20/2/07 10:39

Blogger morgan said...

Ca va ĂȘtre fuuunnn !

20/2/07 16:25

Blogger werner said...

how far from release is it
because the wait time is big

or do you have some nice news

28/2/07 21:28

Blogger pyllin said...

Pricorde, give us some screenshots or videos to calm down the wait! :)

9/3/07 16:21

Blogger JaY said...

Water looks different depending on where it is... Like the caribbean has a crystal clear look with a hint of blue ... the water where I live in the Pacific North west (WA,USA) it is a dark green with no bottom in sight... kinda like your live shot of the boat in Norway (I think) .... Your simulator is pretty cool..

19/4/07 20:41

Blogger Valentin said...

Dude!!! Are you from Earth? This is better then sex!

5/7/07 12:07


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