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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Stencil shadow patch

The cause of the slow stencil shadow mode (a change of Ogre's shadowing strategy) has been found and the bug has been fixed. I got the stencil shadow framerate jump from 26 to 40fps with this fix!

As promised the patch is available (139kb). The full download has also been updated with this patch and is labelled RoR-0.29a (check it in the download page).

Thanks to the Ogre team for their quick and efficient cooperation.

Also, thanks to Thomas financial and technical contribution, the linux version is on its way but we ran into unexpected incompatibility problems between linux distributions. Thomas and me are looking into it.

Have a good drive!


Anonymous dinsterzz said...

dunno why i would need it but nice!! :p

1/11/06 18:28

Blogger Seggons said...

Cheers Pricorde.

1/11/06 18:45

Anonymous Mac Dude said...

Yay! cant wait for a mac version ;)

1/11/06 19:31

Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for update pricorde.

2/11/06 10:49

Anonymous dinsterzz said...

i tested it, looks great!!

2/11/06 17:00

Anonymous Anonymous said...

anychance of updating the editor?

2/11/06 17:15

Anonymous David said...

Well done! Looking for the next version.

2/11/06 18:24

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks good, can't wait to give the Linux version a try... please tell me it supports AMD64. I run Gentoo. Any time I don't have to waste time on Windows is great, so the Linux version will be very nice.

2/11/06 19:02

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has anyone else noticed a problem with teh Patch in full-manual? I can't shift gears... I'm downloading the full .29a to see if it's just the patch that is messed up. I can shift gears in auto clutch though... its odd.

2/11/06 23:25

Anonymous Anonymous said...

yep have the same problem
but half manaul does work and full does not work

for me i get the same fps than whit the old exe file

3/11/06 10:48

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes I have the same problem...I cant change gears with manual shift.

3/11/06 15:53

Blogger DanHaribo said...

If you crash your plane and you get confronted with a white screen that stops you from doing anything simply:

Press I to reset the Plane

Press R to jump to the rescue truck

Press C and the view should come back

you have to hold the buttons down for them to work!

3/11/06 20:11

Anonymous Anonymous said...

There seems another bug.

The gear sound stays looped while opening or closing the gear.

If i press Enter to get out of the truck and enter again, the sound problem disappears.

4/11/06 01:12

Anonymous linux2 said...

yay! finally a linux version, i am quite excited about it release and hope it comes out as soon as possible so i can get back to my wasting hours away playing it. thanks again pricorde!

If you need any help with figuring out dependency issue and/or compiling them into RPMS/DEBS just ask and i will be glad to lend a hand. Also might I suggest once you have completed this just create a post on this should give you many more users.

4/11/06 02:19

Blogger DanHaribo said...

If you havent got an suse build i could do it, i can't remember the specs, and i would need to install ogre, but i could do it :)

4/11/06 13:17

Anonymous dinsterzz said...

theres a new bug i found i think, when i use a hydro like for arms, the sound of a hydro moving stays till i get out and get back in... this is very anoying

4/11/06 17:59

Anonymous Bonehead said...

Thanks for the stencil shadow fix Pricorde, I've been waiting for it! :D

5/11/06 10:34

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah I have the hydro problem too, along with the clutch one.

5/11/06 14:24

Anonymous dinsterzz said...

yep, hope pricorde will fix this soon if he's not busy with other things for this wonderfull game :)

6/11/06 16:46

Blogger pricorde said...

Thanks for reporting these bugs! At first I did not understood how I introduced so much bugs in 0.29a but now I found the reason (it was in extra checks I do for the linux version).
I also fixed many sound issues by compiling OpenAL myself (now the hardware mode works on my computer in 5.1 sound!).
Maybe I'll release a 0.29b (plus a new extremely accurate ground contact code I'm fiddling right now... if you get my "drift"!)

The linux version is on hold because it is almost impossible to compile a Linux binary that works on all linux distribution, binary-wise, Linux is incompatible with itself!!! (mainly because of the mess of incompatible C and C++ library versions, thanks to the gcc team) In expert speak: "There is no standard Linux Application Binary Interface (ABI)".


6/11/06 23:57

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is DFO -- from the Semi Wheelies Video.

Does this mean its time to get out Fraps again, overpower my favorite trucks and have some fun with my buddies Mr. Gas pedal, Mr. Clutch who is just asking to be dropped, and Mr. Server to save all the gigs of video before I fill up my main computers HD with video :)

Anyway, great to see things are coming along. Gentoo, get ready for some heavy gaming besides UT2K4!

7/11/06 04:41

Anonymous B_Lizzard said...

About Linux, your best bet would be creating a binary that conforms to the LSB (Linux Standard Base), which is a project to set standards that will (hopefully) increase compatabilty between distributions. Check wikipedia for more on the matter.

Non-compliant distributions will just have to suck it up! :)

7/11/06 17:32

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why not just let us compile it from the source? I'm not a big fan of binaires... I'll probably end up making an ebuild for Gentoo.

8/11/06 02:42

Anonymous B_Lizzard said...

Cause pricorde does not want to release the source code, at least as of yet. And we have to respect that decision.

8/11/06 09:29

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I understand that he doesn't want to release it, but if you want people in the Linux world to really be able to catch on it will probably have to end up being open-source, though I will support it 100%.

8/11/06 23:01

Anonymous linux2 said...

Well maybe just release out a binary so we linux users can tinker with it just for the time being. I will fully understand that it is not perfect but it may help with determining which versions of linux it doesn't work with by getting a bunch of different users trying it out.

and about the source code. I fully respect why he doesn't want to release it but it would still be nice if you could provide us with the binary.

Thanks again pricorde and keep up the good work

9/11/06 02:19


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