News and Updates on the Rigs of Rods truck simulator, based on an advanced soft-body physics engine.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

RoR 0.26

Finally a new version. What's new in this one:
  • New funny roads to explore
  • Race against the clock on circuits! They are tricky, and you need to have the right mix of speed and caution to finish with a good time. After a few tries I got 8'24 on Aspen and 5'46 on Helens.
  • First person view in character mode. Very neat. Now you can play entirely in first person mode (press C two times)
  • Working truck dealer, and truck repair garage. Walk into the offices to buy or repair a truck. You can have as many trucks as you want on the level.
  • Beginning of the truck editor. Enter the truck design lab building to launch it. Not complete but you can easily modify existing trucks. See the README.txt file for instructions.
  • Optional manual transmission. Press Q to toggle auto/manual mode, and A and Z to shift in manual. For the moment, the clutch is automatic, but there will be more...
  • Various fixes (roads less sticky to the chassis, rear view mirror and dashboard can be disabled for slow configs, etc.)
  • If the long download does not work for you, you can try the multipart download.


Blogger werner said...

oh yes i already starting downloading

thanks for the new version

31/5/06 23:42

Anonymous Anonymous said...

both the archives are corrupt. unexpected end of the archive it says. i hope it will be fixed soon. can't wait anymore:P

31/5/06 23:45

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm writting from Granada, Spain. Excuse me but my english is very bad. Congratulation for the game, is a marvel.

I am bus driver in my city and the managing of the Agora bus is very real. There would no be any way of opening and closing the doors?, it would be something fabulous.

Congratulations again, a lot of luck. Regards from Spain

1/6/06 00:41

Anonymous theafro said...

WooHoo! thanks for the update! i'm probably gonna loose a few days of my life playing with new things! :)

(i'll have a look at putting some doors on the bus too)

1/6/06 01:36

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have no mousewheel. Please put zoom buttons to the editor.

1/6/06 02:27

Anonymous Anonymous said...

when i go into the design lab my game crashes?

1/6/06 02:27

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have no mousewheel. Please put zoom buttons to the editor.

1/6/06 02:27

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome. :)

Will try it right away. :)

Keep up the good work!

1/6/06 05:35

Anonymous Anonymous said...

this new verson is awesome, loving the truck editor :D

1/6/06 11:39

Anonymous Sheep said...

Ah nifty, I shall be trying this out! =)

1/6/06 15:52

Anonymous theafro said...

Bug report:

If dashboards are turned off, the game crashes when you enter the editor, nothing else seems to cause this.


if you create a new node and then immediately delete it, the editor will crash.

the rest seems pretty good, although the editor does need some work to make it easier to use

1/6/06 19:11

Blogger werner said...

i know that point 2 is not a bug in the game but in you pc
because i can do that with out any problems

i please a new node and imedialy i press delete button and it is gone nothing happens what soult be a bug

i am sory but for me is point 2 not a bug

1/6/06 20:08

Blogger pricorde said...

Thanks for your feedback. Good to know an Agora driver plays it ;-) (I ride one everyday to go to work)

I take note of the mousewheel problem.

Bug 1 has been located and will be fixed in the next version.

I can not reproduce bug 2, as werner.


1/6/06 21:51

Anonymous Anonymous said...

well, i've a problem too:P

when i choose Nort ST. Helens, ROR shuts down and goes back to windows. Aspen Grove works fine.
ii haven't messed with the SThelens file.

About the editor, i agree with TheAfro when he said the editor needs some work to make it easier to use. Maybe i've to play some more ;-).

But anyway, good work Pricorde. keep it up :-)

1/6/06 22:11

Blogger werner said...

pricorde is it possible for the next version to get a button
because if i work on 1 screen the order screen are there but if i can say that the 4 screens get to 1 screen where i am working on

mayby it is not sayed very whel but i hope that you know what i mean

2/6/06 12:04

Anonymous Anonymous said...

so whats upp in the next version?

2/6/06 14:28

Blogger -r said...

Excellent, thanks for the update. I'd like to suggest an open air truck shop, or maybe "deliver" it outside instead of the garage. As it is, some custom trucks are hard to get out of the garage door if made too tall or long.

Is there a way to remove a truck from the world without having to restart?

Brakes seem a bit strong?


2/6/06 17:50

Anonymous RedRiver said...

Nice! Lets have a try!

4/6/06 18:25

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um yea the download files are corupt.

4/6/06 20:21

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nvermind I re-downloaded it and it worked!!

4/6/06 20:25

Anonymous theafro said...

the headlights look cool!

1 more issue i forgot to raise, sometimes i cannot move a node/nodes i have selected in the editor, this seems more common when multiple nodes are selected

it's better to report bugs than not, even if it is just my computer! :)

good work pricorde

5/6/06 01:57

Blogger James said...

GReat improvement!
Selecting truck/accessing truck editor by entering in-game buildings is just incredible, makes transitions seamless (starting to get the open-ended sandbox feel of GTA series :D)

A comment on the truck dealership and repair shop. It seems the detection range from outside the door seems to be too small, as I had to have my truck Rreally close to the garage door (almost touching) in order for the door to open, but from inside the garage, the door opens from what seems like a character width away, which seems to be more appropriate.

By the way, right now in-truck camera shakes a *lot*, even when going over small bumps in the road. It's great to feel that you "sway/move" with the truck, but maybe a camera dampening option/slider could be implemented? Otherwise it seems like you can feel Every single bump (like in a vehicle without suspensions).

5/6/06 05:15

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah... human eyes have a built-in vibration compensation, because they move so fast... so a vibrating camera seems to have more vibration than a vibrating human head. Also none of the trucks in the game have cab suspension, like most real-life trucks have.

5/6/06 16:56

Blogger pricorde said...

Yeah (cab suspension mmmmh....)

Also, there is a known bug that induces unwanted shaking of the camera and dashboard in multithread mode, at high speed, due to lack of a physics/graphics synchronizing buffer.

5/6/06 19:09

Anonymous theafro said...

the 'feel' of the trucks is very life like, as most trucks have an air-seat which gives a similar amount of movement to the camera IMHO

i've always liked the feeling of sitting in a suspended seat, in a suspended cab, on a suspended chassis! would be cool to have seperate cabs/chassis tho', it's pointless but it would be fun to have a cab-tilt mechanism!

5/6/06 19:10

Blogger pricorde said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

5/6/06 19:12

Blogger werner said...

nice that whe have seats in the game

a cabtilt mechanice whil be sweet than whe can tilt the cab and make a little engine tweak (mayby a nice thing that whe can change the engine, or the transmission in the game mayby also the susspention)

on this whay the cab tilt mechanice has something to mean

it is a idea and i don't know if you already have sayed that you want to do something like this
but it is fun to have it
the only problem next to the make it is the skin for a engine that whe can see if the cab is tilted

5/6/06 21:11

Anonymous Sheep said...

Ah, excellent. Orange lights. =) Will, the character have smoothing groups applied to it in a later version, as well as a texture? It does look a bit rough with the angular looking edges to it.

5/6/06 21:33

Blogger werner said...

has maked that and the last time he was online on the forum of ogre was on 29 april

i don't know if he worked it further out
mayby pricorde knows something more

5/6/06 22:43

Blogger pricorde said...

I have no news from SLander and I'm a bit worried for your friend the trucker...

5/6/06 22:48

Anonymous Anonymous said...

In what format are the dashboard and seats? It would be fun to make different dashes... old style for american trucks, for example. Also, maybe each truck could have a parameter to have its own sound file. And maybe an option for no turbo.

I have a buch of great truck sound files... hanomag for example, and a russian gasoline V8 truck engine.

6/6/06 02:20

Blogger pricorde said...

Dashboard and seats are in Ogre3D mesh format (, most 3D modelers have an export plugin available to this format.
They are integrated as "props" in the truck file (see the wiki).
The dashboard is a special case (I use special tricks to add the wheel and the indicators to it) but it's all a matter of documenting how it works.

My time is limited and I don't have much time to fiddle with small details (plus I'm bad at modelling), so any contribution is welcome.

I'm interested with your sounds. Send me an email to

6/6/06 09:57

Anonymous Mr.Patrick said...

i have a problem whit the editor when i'm on the notebook and playing ror (very low FPS) but except that the editor doesn't work because when i want to go in (walk into that building) the game crash and it goes back to windows
greetz Mr.Patrick(

11/6/06 20:47

Anonymous Anonymous said...

CRC error all version.
Please repair it, I want to play with new version :)

11/6/06 21:57

Blogger werner said...

that screen whit that warning lights

i have there 1 question
what does you mean whit epilepsy warning

because epilepsy has to do whit your brains

12/6/06 23:35

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Flashing lights can affect epilepsy people.

13/6/06 18:33

Anonymous Nuttertrucking said...

I cant download the game :-( Everytime i go on to the page it comes sayin that it cant be displayed. No matter what i do thats all i get, ive tried a direct download link and still 'the page cannot be displayed'.

15/6/06 10:51

Anonymous SLander said...

I am really sorry that I have not been able to work on the trucker for a long time. But don't worry, I think I can continue my work on august. I am currently far away from my computer :D:D

16/6/06 11:49

Blogger pricorde said...

Good news! Thanks for the heads-up, slander! We all have a life, far away from computers ;)

For those that have problems to download, Seggons has made a mirror at this url:

Give it a try.

16/6/06 17:25

Anonymous Sheep said...

Huzzah! Hopefully, that trucker character will look a lot smoother now, as well as getting some colour into him. Grey doesn't suit him. =)

17/6/06 00:13

Anonymous Anonymous said...

a comment on the keys.

Is it possible to reconfig the "reset truck" key to something besides "I"? I've accidentally been reset way too many times while trying to secue loads with "O" and "L". Quite frustrating.

Besides that, everything's working great!

18/6/06 03:40

Anonymous theafro said...

yeah, configurable controls, even if just a cfg file or something would be great. I'm still addicted to this game! :)

19/6/06 02:49

Anonymous MSG said...

What do you think about this: - exactly this: ?
I am playin PTTM and use Tatra "Kolos" but in PTTM I can not drive too much away from road - your game is what i searching for: THX!!!

19/6/06 16:14

Blogger pricorde said...

I can not import trucks from pttm for legal and technical reasons. In pttm (and in all other games) vehicles are just rigid shells. In RoR, vehicles must be built by assembling simple rods to build a structural chassis that is physically simulated and makes the truck behave like it should. The visual part is then mapped to the structure.

Okay, I go on vacation so see you in july for an improved RoR!

20/6/06 09:56

Anonymous Sheep said...

Have a nice holiday! =)

20/6/06 16:54

Blogger werner said...

oke have a nice holiday than

20/6/06 17:29

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd like to drive a non-articulated bus. This is possible?


20/6/06 17:43

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i wonder, if you go on vacation, can we expect a new version on the end of June or begin Juli? or do we have to wait to the end of Juli?

anyway, i wish you a nice holiday

20/6/06 18:41

Anonymous Anonymous said...

when i press esc the game shuts down(normal)
but it would be cool if there would pop a screen up and asks if i really wanna shut down the game,because it really sucks to each time restart...
i'm used in games to press esc to go to a menu ;)
really love the game!!

less flexible trucks would be nice, so they don't wobble that much.

at the screenshots, the green truck, how did u got orange flash lights on there? truck editor or something??


-a person who love's this game-

20/6/06 21:12

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i just saw that:
some of the screenshots are from the (yet unavaiable) next version ;)

20/6/06 21:42

Anonymous Juraj Borza said...

Hi, will this be closed-source forever? Any change of getting the source code myself?


21/6/06 12:14

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i thought the source was open...
do u have any games made by yourself?

oh, do you know a real driving sim??
like 3d drivingschool but better...?
mail mr of you know any games...

21/6/06 20:15

Anonymous Sheep said...

I've always wondered if theres a non-commercial version of a driving simulator, like 3D driving school but more up to date. I have looked, but I've found nothing.

24/6/06 02:54

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok... ty :)

24/6/06 10:06

Anonymous Anonymous said...

is it possible to control the big boat?? or atleast get on it??

24/6/06 15:17

Blogger zDx said...

Hello!.. How do i find the service pack with the windows installert tath is recuierd? plzz help me i want to play the game.. send your tips to Thanks mates;)

26/6/06 20:46

Anonymous Anonymous said...

In next version would you be able to impliment better steering wheel support and pedals? and maybe a jeep wrangler for that offroading stuff. :)
I love this sim and see lots of greap potential in it. Its not only one of the coolest offroad sims now, its also revolutionary.
Thanks for all your hard work.
Great sim.

27/6/06 05:22

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can use Joystick / steeringwheel in this version...

28/6/06 00:16

Anonymous Anonymous said...

on one of the fansite forums, a guy is making 2 trucks that are really nice!!
just need to wait for the developer of the game to come back from his vacation :)

28/6/06 12:32

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello.. this is a real good game..thnx very mutch. if it´s possible can you fix so you can play lan game on this game?. And maby fix a Firhouse with engines and ladder trucks in? and maby a working allarm so you need to rush to the trucks and hit the pedal to the mettal and turn on the sirens.. that should be REAL NICE;) thnx again for a real nice game.. NICE WORK!

28/6/06 17:38

Anonymous Anonymous said...

it will prolly be able later,
notice that its still a WIP
WIP=work in progress ;)
have patience :)
in beginning of july there will be a new version of RoR i think :)
just wait a little longer ;)

29/6/06 10:42

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since this great program uses Ogre, would be possible a linux port in the near future? Thanks

3/7/06 22:30

Anonymous Anonymous said...

or just like on windows??
use wine or something ;)
or doesnt it work anymore like that?

3/7/06 23:24

Anonymous Anonymous said...

whats a active forum for this simulation? I would love to see progress and discussions about this project.

5/7/06 21:45

Anonymous Anonymous said...

it says its corrupt can some1 help me i really want to play it!!

6/7/06 01:18

Anonymous Anonymous said...

if u download the 1 in parts it wil prolly not work,
i had the same, download the full 1.
else mail me and explain and ill help you:

6/7/06 10:07

Blogger werner said...

the part setction does work

only you must download all the part numbers and than extract the first one

the program picks the orther files automaticaly

6/7/06 17:08

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello.when do te next virsion comes?

7/7/06 10:39

Anonymous Anonymous said...

the next version will come soon,this month for sure :D

7/7/06 12:53

Anonymous Ziko said...

It doesn't works with me. The version 0,25 worked fine. When I start the game I can choose terrain but then i press enter and i get an yellow/orange screen. What's wrong?

7/7/06 21:11

Anonymous Anonymous said...

choose lower settings,
maybe ur pc cant handle the game,
choose low detail, no water etc and slowely choose better settings... try it ;)

7/7/06 21:32

Blogger werner said...

if it is a yellow orange screen that can mean that it not have maked a map
because that color is for the background

8/7/06 17:41

Anonymous Anonymous said...

damn, waiting for ver .27 is like being on crack. :), dont really know how that feels but its like you have to have more and more.

11/7/06 20:20

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i visit the site and forums 4-5 times per day...

12/7/06 00:18

Blogger pricorde said...

Yeah, I know I'm a bit late for this one...
I have little time and lots of features to finish to be releasable (expecially on the editor).
I try to add enough features so 0.27 is worth the download.
The new things will include among others a destructable beam bridge (a tribute to pontifex) and the possibility to board the large boat (finally!).

12/7/06 16:48

Blogger werner said...

that is great news

12/7/06 17:16

Anonymous Anonymous said...

can we expect the 0.27 soon??
can u tell when? i love the game sooo much!!

great work!

12/7/06 17:27

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hm, boat you say :). Just curios, do the physics engine support boat structures? It would be interesting to see what happens when a truck lets say is driven on a boat and how that makes the boat flex. Also imagine having one of those really big cranes that can lift the boat out of the watter. Fun I have to say.

12/7/06 20:02

Anonymous Anonymous said...

and then lift the boat on a truck!!!

12/7/06 20:18

Blogger pricorde said...

Boat physics is difficult to handle properly (volumic buoyancy), expecially in my physics model (the buoyancy of trucks in water is a dirty hack and is not physically correct).

On the contrary, I have a good idea on how to add realistic flight physics to the model so I think more and more about flying a cargo plane in RoR on of these days (this won't be in 0.27!).

12/7/06 21:16

Anonymous Anonymous said...

do u really don't got a date on when the 0.27 release will be?? in a week? in 2 weeks?
sorry that i ask so much, but i really like the game and i can't wait to play with the orange flash lights ;)and if those wont be in 0.27 then i would be happy with the other improvements too! :D

12/7/06 21:34

Anonymous Anonymous said...

pricorde, are you planing to add things like Hi/Low 2wd 4wd just like in offroaders? Reason im asking is because someone on the rscnet forum made a sort of a wrangler 4x4 look a like to crawl rocks in your sim and im wondering if those are possibilities in the future? It looks like your simulation is very close competitor to "sims" like screamer and cabela offroad sim. It actually supresses those sims, but just needs a bit more cleanup and some small details which are very minor.

Love your work

12/7/06 23:03

Blogger pricorde said...

Hell I don't know when I will release! Free time is scarce for me. If all goes well, I hope to be finished at the end of the week.
I also hope to integrate the fantastic rock crawler from "theafro" when he is ready.
Remember, this is a one man project, not a commercial game!


12/7/06 23:56

Blogger ZPGamez said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

13/7/06 01:00

Blogger ZPGamez said...

Well just so you know if you feel overwhelmed at all any time, I know I would, just know that I will help. ZPGamez will stand behind you if you ever need any help.

13/7/06 02:50

Blogger werner said...

thanks pricorde for the tip about that truck

ps: there whas only 1 problem
if i use more than 5 extra trucks the rest does than don't appear
(i think that you are know whit this problem)

because to drive the cars from theafro
i must delete some trucks and than i whil can drive does vehicles

13/7/06 22:48

Anonymous vicvega said...

this is great! i'm waiting for update!

14/7/06 02:54

Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is a great game! ehm maby for the 0.28 update.. you culd maybe work out a mobile crane or a HI CRANE:P i you can i would be pleast whit that;):P hehe

14/7/06 17:00

Anonymous Anonymous said...

yea!! that would be great :)
hehe... the new truck thats being made by theafro is wicked cool man!!
can't wait to drive with it :)

14/7/06 17:26

Blogger werner said...

to make a crane is not the problem but the turn-table is the problem
because pricorde must make than a turntable that is stable and whil turn 360 degrees both ways and further

now whe can only go with many problems go not further than 90 degrees

14/7/06 17:54

Anonymous dinsterzz said...

just wait a couple more days, or maybe a week and we will get a new version!! yay!!

14/7/06 18:18

Anonymous Anonymous said...

comes the editor in this version with different views for left, right, front, back, top and bottom?

or selectable?

i hope so.

keep up the good work:)

15/7/06 10:21

Anonymous Sheep said...

Hope you enjoyed your holiday, Pricorde. =) That bridge looks like it could be fun.

15/7/06 16:33

Anonymous dinsterzz said...

do i see a new truck beeing in the 0.27?
juct can't wait! :D

15/7/06 21:43

Anonymous Anonymous said...

great job on the bridge. :) Lots really really nice.

17/7/06 17:05

Anonymous Sheep said...

The completed bridge looks even better! =) Amazing what a lick of paint can do.

17/7/06 19:55

Anonymous dinsterzz said...

eer, the last pic is a whole new bridge... and looks very nice 2

17/7/06 21:11

Anonymous dinsterzz said...

eer, the last pic is a whole new bridge... and looks very nice 2

17/7/06 21:11

Anonymous Anonymous said...

well, this is a question that''s ask before:

when can we expect the new version.

i barely can't wait to play with the new brigde, the flashing lights, the new functions of the editor, and maybe much more.

this game is just sow cooooooooool:D

17/7/06 21:22

Anonymous Anonymous said...

and this is the 100 post!!!!!:P

17/7/06 21:23

Anonymous dinsterzz said...

i think hes making the last changes or so for the 0.27...
just a couple of days and we'll be playin with flash lights ;)

17/7/06 21:41

Blogger werner said...

i think you have right

17/7/06 22:40

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey,,.. Does someboddy know anny HI CRANE 3D SUMULATOR GAME? plzz tell me if you know

18/7/06 19:03

Anonymous dinsterzz said...

well, u got 2 that i know with sucky graphics...
construction destruction
cattepillar contruction tycoon

these are more with all kind of trucks, like bulldozers.
else i dont know any others...
what driving sims or so do u play??
can u send me the names of u do?


18/7/06 20:04

Blogger werner said...

construction destruction is a beter game than the orther

but let stick to a good game like Rigs of Rods

18/7/06 21:56

Anonymous dinsterzz said...

yea, but its still under construction, and construction destruction sucks :(
doesnt anybody knows any other driving games??not racing

18/7/06 22:11

Blogger werner said...

when can whe aspect the new version
because i can't wait for it anymore

19/7/06 18:52

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whenever I edit a truck and try to get it from the truck dealer it crashes. I really want to build/edit trucks. It's like Robot Rumbul on steriods

20/7/06 05:22

Blogger werner said...

you must do a manual changes to the file because the editor does not make that peace

20/7/06 17:06

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't make new trucks, I edit existing trucks.

20/7/06 17:56

Blogger werner said...

oh than i don't know

20/7/06 18:44

Anonymous CrazyA said...

Very very very very very nice :)
Just found this game a couple of days ago, and allready an update.
Only a minor detail, trucks popup in weird places in the garage after repairs.

Now I'll see how heavy I have to get the truck before the bridge collapses :P

22/7/06 21:51

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