News and Updates on the Rigs of Rods truck simulator, based on an advanced soft-body physics engine.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

RoR 0.25 is out

This new version includes a lot of new things under the hood:
  • I upgraded my compiler to Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition (which is free!). This change means that you must install the vccrt.msi file that is in the RoR directory. Just double click on it and you're done. This will install the new Microsoft Visual C++ runtime.
  • RoR now uses the new Ogre 1.2 library, allowing me to put new cool effects.
There are of course also a lot of more visible enhancements:
  • New special effets: Sunburn (light overexposure), Bloom (wet eye effect) and a way more faster Motion Blur.
  • Functionnal rear view mirrors in cockpit mode. You can even adjust them with the Ins, Del, Home and End keys. Now you can try to lock a trailer from the inside of the cabin.
  • Functionnal indicators in the 3D dashboard.
  • An enhanced city, still under contruction, with streets and curbs.
  • A new animated character, under construction (not textured yet), to replace the robot, thanks to SLander.
  • Roadsigns!
  • Now there is an ignition switch on the trucks. Press X to toggle it.
  • The yellow RVI crane truck has been converted to a fully featured terrain editor. You can use it to place roads and objects in the scenery. I will document in the Wiki how to use it.
  • The wrecker hook has been slightly modified to ease turning while hooking.
  • Roads have more grip.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent, fabulous, stupendous, amazing and just plain cool.

22/4/06 18:23

Blogger Seggons said...

Some really great work Pricorde. Really love the moving mirrors, very cool.
Look forward to the next release now :p

22/4/06 19:32

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i downloaded it for 2 times and ZIP is corrupt, what can i do?

22/4/06 21:01

Anonymous Anonymous said...

now its ok ;)

22/4/06 21:12

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I cant find the one download to play it it says i need this i need that

22/4/06 22:51

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The game doesn't work for me
When I selected a truck + landscape the game throws an exception:
Error #: 9
Function: Direct3D9VertexDeclaration::getD3DVertexDeclaration
Descritpion: Cannot create D3D9 vertext declaration: An undetermined error occured
File ..\src\OgreD3D9VertexDeclaration.cpp
Line: 133
Stack unwindin: < < beginning of stack > >

My system
Win XP SP 1
Nvidia 4 MX 440 (latest drivers installed from nvidia)
512 MB ram
2.66 Gz Intel P IV

23/4/06 12:45

Blogger werner said...

i have also win xp but i have sp2
mayby it is that because the rest looks ok to me

23/4/06 12:48

Anonymous Anonymous said...

On my Laptop (XP SP 2) and some crappy intel card + 256 mb ram + 1.5 ghz cpu it works too (slow ~5fps but it works)

SOm maybe I need to upgrade to SP 2 but I don't like it since it took me a long time on my laptop

23/4/06 13:12

Blogger werner said...

i have bought this pc and it had alray win xp sp2 i can't say and see the diffrents between sp1 and sp2

23/4/06 15:42

Blogger pricorde said...

To those that have the error "Cannot create D3D9 vertex declaration: An undetermined error occured", could you open the file "Ogre.log" and search the line containing "VET_UBYTE4 vertex element type" and post here if it says yes or no?


23/4/06 16:54

Anonymous Anonymous said...

12:37:31: * VET_UBYTE4 vertex element type: no

23/4/06 17:54

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i dont see where to download it at... i go to download rigs of rods and all i see is ver. .23 and .24

23/4/06 18:32

Blogger pricorde said...

Try to press the "Reload" button of your browser.

23/4/06 23:58

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i did that and restarted my pc. its the same on both my pc's

24/4/06 00:15

Anonymous Anonymous said...

can anyone provide a link to the vccrt.msi file download. I cant seem to find it...

12/5/06 20:41

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me ALL of the controls, or send me a link to it? I Can't seem to find it antwhere. I know some of the controls are on the bottom of the page, but all of them are not there. All help is appricated. Thanks

17/5/06 05:08

Anonymous Anonymous said...

philgor here
i downloaded on saturday and loved it ever since even know i,ve played msfs, msts, trainz and 18wos pttm rigs of rods is the bes.

its amazing

17/9/06 12:52


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