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Sunday, April 02, 2006

RoR 0.24 is out

Another update! Now this one features:
  • 3D cockpit! With a 3D dashboard and wheel. Right now, only the wheel is functional, no dashboard needles. I'm working on that. In internal cam mode, you can turn the head with the usual camera controls.
  • External rear view mirrors. The mirrors are not functional yet, but this makes the trucks looking better.
  • Transparent windows. Now the transparent windows are easier to design and artefact-free. So all the trucks have transparent windows now.
  • Lights on all the trucks.
  • Serious optimization that will give better framerate for slow 3D cards and in advanced water modes.
And thanks to all the fans!


Blogger werner said...

i am starting the download

i hope that the Serious optimization also sounds for me (that is what i can have)

2/4/06 23:02

Anonymous Jamie said...

Great Pricorde good work i want to help You out in anyway u need help With give me a pm onf orum if u need help....

2/4/06 23:14

Blogger Seggons said...

Fantastic update. The Drivers eye view is great, and the auto center of the camera by just pressing 5 on the numpad is just what I was going to request.

Thanks alot.

3/4/06 00:31

Blogger James said...

Looking great! Game starts faster, and had no stutters anymore while using the carrier. Though linking the wrecker to the carrier which also carries another truck still produces slowdowns, the game ran Much better than before.

Thanks for the update!

3/4/06 00:34

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, pricorde. *Applause* excellent release.

3/4/06 01:13

Anonymous Gearstix said...

If we made skins/vehicles for .23 can we use em on .24?

3/4/06 07:12

Blogger pricorde said...

If you want to use skins of 0.23, you have to pick the alpha channel of the new 0.24 texture and put it in you old texture, or else there won't be transparent windows.

3/4/06 10:13

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some release ago someone said that he/she was willing to do a linux port.
Any idea if there is any develompent in that area?

New release looks good, maybe I'm going to reboot and trying in win32 today.

3/4/06 12:27

Blogger pricorde said...

Well, the code is evolving fast, and tracking Linux and MacOS versions would be too time consuming now. I also want to keep a tight control of the code until I decide how I licence it.
But be assured that I take care of using only multiplatform libraries in order to ease porting to other platforms (the only exception being the joystick/force feedback that binds directly to DirectX).

3/4/06 12:43

Anonymous Anonymous said...

just downloaded and cant extract it: "archive seems to be broken"
Filesize is 24.147.417 Bytes and
24.150.016 Bytes "on disc"
I'll try again!

4/4/06 00:02

Anonymous Gearstix said...

Thanks Pricorde, I'll have to check it out. What program did you use to make that RoR video?

4/4/06 01:34

Blogger pricorde said...

Your archive size seems to be OK. Maybe you unzipper is a bit flaky?

gearstix: I used Fraps to make the video.

4/4/06 08:42

Anonymous Eageleye said...

Bah! the ramp to the big boat is mest up and to the little boat is a glitch so u can unload to it...And an nice ide if u could do an timber truck with a hook on it so u could load logs =)

4/4/06 21:44

Anonymous AK-47 said...

Don't download the file with Flashget. It corrupted my archive too. Try to download it using normal windows downloader.

Don't know about other managers, but Flashget isn't suitable for this download.

8/4/06 22:00

Blogger James said...

Dashboard looking good!
By the way, are the external rearview mirrors going to be adjustable?( in 18 Wheels of Steel, sequel to Hard Truck series, the viewing angle of the rearview mirror were adjusted by Insert/Delete & Pageup/PageDown)

Also, what kind of rain effect is being planned? Rain which stays on the windshield which stays on the glass unless you use the wipers(like Hard Truck) or just animated raindrops sliding across the glass? (late games in the series)

Glad to see such rapid progress.

9/4/06 21:35

Blogger pricorde said...

Good idea the adjustable rear view mirrors! I think this won't be difficult to do once the mirrors work.
For the rain, I think I will try to do a night mode before rain.
But this is just eye candy. I have some ideas of dirt simulation to test first. This could open a whole world of possibilities (backhoes, dozers...).

9/4/06 22:32

Anonymous Linus said...

Yeah! keep up the good work Pricorde! =)

10/4/06 12:12

Blogger werner said...

mayby you can do for the night mode the light on the road/terrain a beem light witch is also include in the latest 18wos serie

the light on the building is the same.

11/4/06 19:52

Anonymous jc said...

its good work on the intera tho

11/4/06 20:12

Blogger werner said...

i just amazed of the work
he do so muts, in a little time

that is why i love it. every time i think what whil there be maked extra in the game

and ofcourse than play it

kiep up this work Pricorde

11/4/06 23:19

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Great game, I must say...for a long time in my life I was waiting for truck simulator like this one...

Here's a couple sugestions:

- wider and flater roads (it's hard to keep the truck on the road...especially with the semi)

- manual gearshift

- a controllable camera mode to make easy to lock the semi

Keep up the good work!

20/4/06 13:22

Anonymous dan said...

great, now i can use water without my cpu exploding!. oh, and nice map af paris

20/4/06 22:25


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