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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Welcome RSC members!

Today a new RoR subforum has been opened on Race Sim Central!
The thread is here:
This generates a lot of hits, so welcome to all, and enjoy the drive!

RoR is also featured in the TruckPol forum here (registration required):

Some infos for the newbies: I develop RoR alone as a hobbie, on my free time (which is sparse). I post new versions about every month, so come back to check new versions.
For the modders, there is a Wiki in construction here.
I am bad at modeling, so I would also welcome help from modelers to populate the terrains with good-looking buildings (original content only). For the character, a good samaritan is already in the process of replacing the robot with a human.


Blogger werner said...

the human is tham good to me

13/4/06 13:10

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the robot! Who wants a truck driver, when you can have a robot!

13/4/06 15:33

Blogger werner said...

you can use the robot than
but some things that the truckdriver can
that can he not do like sitting

13/4/06 19:57

Anonymous Sheep said...

Those door mirrors look great. Good work! =)

13/4/06 23:06

Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice mirrors and i like the driver to

16/4/06 22:46

Blogger pricorde said...

Did I mentioned the mirrors are also adjustable? ;-)

17/4/06 00:06

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like your landscaping truck,

17/4/06 00:08

Blogger James said...

Nice one! (mirrors)
Is that the work-in-progress model of the truck in the screenshot on the boat?

17/4/06 00:29

Anonymous Sheep said...

Adjustable mirrors, even better! =)

17/4/06 10:50

Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes adjustable mirrors are cool but i hope to see the game today ?? or isn't that posebol

17/4/06 18:08

Blogger ZPGamez said...

Cant't wait for the modular streets, going to be so cool. New towns. Got a brand new computer so RoR runs great, like nothing else.

18/4/06 01:58

Anonymous Sheep said...

Modular streets? Are they in the pipeline, Pricorde? That'd be pretty cool, especially if you could skin the road signs to use other country's road signs. I know you're using French road signs at the moment.

18/4/06 18:48

Anonymous Sheep said...

Just noticed that screenshot. D'oh! Sounds good. =)

18/4/06 18:49

Blogger werner said...

i can't wait for 0.25

19/4/06 21:44

Anonymous Mr. Patrick said...

like the streets and the mirrors and the caratar so can't wait for 0.25

19/4/06 22:05

Anonymous Anonymous said...

awesome town man

20/4/06 04:48

Anonymous Mr. Patrick said...

i realy like the town but maybe you need to make the road to another town bigger like 2-2 if you know what i mean:D else ask me on

20/4/06 16:20


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