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Monday, April 24, 2006

Some problems

Apparently, some have problem running the new version 0.25. It seems most have this problem because of a bug in Ogre 1.2RC1. This concerns expecially GeForce3 and GeForce4 owners. Hopefully, with some luck, Ogre 1.2RC2 will fix this problem. I will prepare soon a new RoR 0.25a package that will use Ogre 1.2RC2 instead of Ogre 1.2RC1.

See you soon!


Anonymous Jamie said...

Ok pricorde i have had no proplems just it crashes when i play music

24/4/06 21:07

Anonymous Jimmy (jimsom) said...

I think I had the most problems! :D
And I also have a GeForce 4.

24/4/06 21:40

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have a problem, my shift doesnet work, so i can´t drive backward! what´s the problem?

26/4/06 17:55


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