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Monday, April 24, 2006

RoR 0.25 bugfix => RoR 0.25a

I upgraded the Ogre library used by RoR to version 1.2RC2. I hope this will fix the "crash after truck selection" problem for most of you (at least those with GeForce 3 and 4).
The upgraded version is called 0.25a because it adds no features, it's only a bugfix.
  • If you downloaded 0.25 and the game runs on your system, you don't need to get 0.25a
  • If you downloaded 0.25 and the game crashes on your system, just get the 0.25a patch archive, and unpack it overwriting the .exe and .dll files in your RoR-0.25 install directory (so you won't need to download the full 0.25a archive and save bandwidth)
  • If you never downloaded 0.25, get the full RoR-0.25a archive, that already includes the bugfix.
Good luck!


Anonymous Gearstix said...

I d/led this version cuz .25 "normal" wasnt on the download page. the person guy dont have a skin is he supposed to?
other than that, the mirrors are awesome, game rocks!

25/4/06 05:03

Anonymous Jamie said...

he aint textrued yet

25/4/06 13:14

Anonymous Mr. Patrick said...

does this patch fix the modeler problem ?

25/4/06 18:47

Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice !!
thanks for fixing it so fast!!!
on the moment I can't test it (since I'm working with linux now and I can't reboot)
Probably I'm going to test it tomorrow

25/4/06 22:09

Anonymous juanma said...

this simulator is awesome. could you add some 4x4 suv or a pickup?? thank you!

26/4/06 01:17

Anonymous Anonymous said...

fix works perfeclty for me

26/4/06 18:42

Blogger Alex said...

i don't know wehere to leave a comment for what im gonna to tell you right now, so i decided to write it here... so here it is:
i download the game from the downloads section and im trying to open the RAR archive and to extrect, it writes me an error: "The archive is either in unknown format or damaged" i don't know what to do, i downloaded it couple times but it doesn't work, so please help me with that... i really wanna play and enjoy this simulator.

26/4/06 23:41

Blogger pricorde said...

Try using another browser to download. Avoid using "download accelerators".

Good luck!

26/4/06 23:57

Anonymous Mr. Patrick said...

look at the forum by troublesouting there is something whit winrar and winzip or something look over there

28/4/06 09:19

Anonymous bus man said...

can u add some more buses on the next version thancks

28/4/06 16:53

Anonymous Jamie said...

its not a bus game its a offrad racing

28/4/06 16:56

Anonymous Gargantula said...

I don't think it is a bus "game" or an offroad racing "game". Where do you race in the simulator? It's a soft-body simulator. Also the top of the page says truck simulator, but I think this simulator is just showing off the advanced soft-body physics engine.

It really is a soft-body, I think it is too soft. Also, I think it should be called dynamic-body as an opposite to the industry term rigid-body.

29/4/06 16:47

Anonymous Sheep said...

A double-decker bus might be interesting, take a corner too fast and it'll topple over. =)

29/4/06 17:59

Anonymous bus man said...

your write it is too soft and shood be more riged it is a truck simulater wether you want to race around or drive around doesnt matter

29/4/06 17:59

Anonymous bus man said...

a double decker would be good

29/4/06 18:00

Anonymous bus man said...

please ad some seats on the buses

29/4/06 18:02

Anonymous Sheep said...

A truck editor, nice work Pricorde. =)

30/4/06 04:11

Blogger werner said...

nice work picorde

30/4/06 13:01

Anonymous Anonymous said...

the vccrt.msi does not work on my windows xp with service pack 1 :-(

2/5/06 17:43

Anonymous Anonymous said...

anonymous I have win XP SP1 too, and I think you don't need to run it to have a working RigsOfRods (I installed it only because I have the geforce 3/4 bug, but the game itself started without installing vccrt.msi)

But if the game doesn't run: can you be more specific what the problem is with the game and the installer vccrt.msi, if I/pricorde/somebody else know more we can help you.

2/5/06 18:15

Blogger pricorde said...

Explanation for the technical inclined:
Since version 0.25, I use Visual C++ 2005 Express to compile RoR (because Ogre 1.2 drops support for my old Visual C++ 6).
All the gory details are in:
In short (I copy/paste relevant sections):
-Visual Studio 2005 made a number of changes to the way the C-runtime library is linked in.
-projects created with VC2005 IDE now dynamically link to the C-runtime libraries by default (which I need anyway)
-the C and C++ runtimes are now implemented as Side-by-Side DLLs. It's no longer enough to copy MSVCR80.DLL/MSVCP80.DLL/MSVCM80.DLL (from now on called the CRT DLLs) into the application directory. You must now load the CRT DLLs through a manifest. If you attempt to load the CRT DLLs without using a manifest, the system will detect this, raise an R6034 assertion, and abort().

So in short RoR needs the VC2005 runtime .dll, but I can't include it by simply copy the .dll in the RoR directory. I need to install it properly (hence the .msi installer file), with a special scheme ("Side-by-Side DLLs") that requires an up-to-date system to be functionnal.

The result is a total mess for the end user:

Open quote:"For example, if you're trying to run your app on a Win2K computer, you have to download the latest Windows 2000 service pack (SP4), install that, reboot, then download Windows Installer 3.1, install that and reboot. Then finally, you need to copy the vcredist_x86 file and install that. Such a number of steps (which significantly alters the operating system, requires many reboots, and probably breaks the existing apps) are very inconvenient for an end user. If any one of these components is not present, the merge module will fail with a nondescript error at the end user's expense (I got an error 1723 when testing). This complex install process was a design decision made by Microsoft." end quote.

This was for Win2k, but I suspect that for XP, SP2 is recommended. Or maybe you just need to install "Windows Installer 3.0" on your SP1 system but I can't be sure. (and don't ask me how)

The vccrt.msi is a small installer package I made that installs the C runtime properly on your computer. The good news is that once the VC2005 runtime is installed on your system, you "have it" and you will never need to reinstall it another time (until Microsoft comes with VC2008 or whatever). It is also possible you "have it" already because it was installed bundled with another app (that was compiled with VC2005) you recently installed, so the game runs without running the msi and all is fine.
Note that the msi concerns only the C runtime, and has nothing to do with the Ogre version I use. I can still put Ogre dll in the app dir and it works...

Sorry for the inconvenience, but this is Microsoft faults. They want to force people to set their system up-to-date.

2/5/06 23:40

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Pierre,

I'm looking for your email. My name is George Barjoud and the method you used to simulate physics is interesting. Would you mind a short chat?

Don't worry, I'm not representing a big company or anything. I too have a love for this kind of thing.



6/5/06 03:03

Blogger Cctoide said...

Nice work pricorde... I've noticed that this post is from the 24th of April, I hope you haven't forgotten RoR... keep going!

8/5/06 21:11


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