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Monday, May 08, 2006

Development update

Just some infos on what's going on. Since 0.25a, I'm developping a truck editor. That's not fancy stuff as usual, but wow, that's really a powerfull tool for creating trucks.

For instance I created this chassis base in a few clicks. I took me some minutes to do what I do usually in a day by the hand.

Right now, what is done is the 3 views environment, loading and saving of truck files, a 3D cursor, a powerfull node selection system, the ability to move and delete nodes, and a construction tool capable to create nodes, rods and trusses efficiently.

There are still many features to add, like nodes and rods properties edition, wheels edition, and last but not the least: skinning (cab construction and texturing). There is also some work to do to integrate the editor in the game flow.

Right now the editor is more than 2000 lines of C++ code, and counting. So don't worry if you don't see pretty new screenshots for a while, I'm in the bowels of the editor, and this is worth it because this will make truck creation much easier for me and for you!


Anonymous Jamie said...

Keep it up Pricorde and u could be on to somthing

8/5/06 23:51

Blogger Cctoide said...

Looks great, I admire your programming skills.

My current language of choice, Perl, isn't very oriented at game coding, even though a few 3D libraries support it... I should learn C++ one of these days.

9/5/06 10:56

Anonymous Anonymous said...

totaly awesome.

keep up the excelent work :D

9/5/06 13:03

Anonymous mrpatrick said...

great man keep up the good work and maybe you can give some beta to some people the will try it because i'm making a truck know but i takes me alot of time whit kladblok or ... so i would like to be a tester

9/5/06 21:19

Blogger werner said...

nice nice
it looks good to me
with the notepad (mrpatrick it is not kladblok) there are some problems that i have

hope there are some beta testing for some people

9/5/06 22:54

Anonymous theafro said...

i'm kinda stalling my crazy truck experiments right now, (it's all a bit heavy ATM :))

i've managed a nice 6x4 and i'm currently working out how to make a bridging machine! this editor is gonna be sooooooo much easier on the brain! i've got far too many bits of graph paper piling up near my computer!

10/5/06 02:41

Blogger pricorde said...

Cool, I dit not know there was so much truck projects!
There is no beta program because:
-it's too incomplete
-once you do a truck in the editor, you loose track of the node numbers (they are automatically assigned), and it makes it very difficult to figure how to complete the truck by the hand, because you don't know which node goes where.

But I expect to release it once the editor is able to fully model a skeletal truck (only rods, no cab), and I will add modeling and skinning of the cab later in a second time.

10/5/06 13:42

Blogger werner said...

first a frame than the rest

10/5/06 16:26

Blogger Cctoide said...

Thought of a few questions:

- How many wheels per truck?
- Can you have opposing wheels, i.e. so that you can have a truck whose front wheels turn left and the back wheels turn right when turning left?
- Is the problem with not enough function keys for hydraulics going to be fixed with the next version?


10/5/06 17:01

Blogger pricorde said...

- How many wheels per truck?

I think it's 10. Watch out this will hurt your FPS! (Rule of thumb: simulating a set of 4 wheels is as time consuming as simulating a typical chassis)
If you want more, tell me, I can raise the limit for the next version.

- Can you have opposing wheels, i.e. so that you can have a truck whose front wheels turn left and the back wheels turn right when turning left?

Of course. This is done by tinkering with the "hydros" section (which are the direction actuactor and not the regular hydros). Just build a second direction axle and reverse the hydros ratio, so they will push instead of pull, and inversely.

- Is the problem with not enough function keys for hydraulics going to be fixed with the next version?

No, it's not in my immediate priorities. All you can do is bundle multiple hydros to the same keys. With 12 keys you can already do many things.
In the long term, I plan to do a key-assignment config screen, but this is not a top priority.

11/5/06 11:45

Blogger Cctoide said...

Thanks for the answers!

I saw you mention dirt simulation somewhere in the TruckPol subforum.

I've seen a game with deformable terrain (Construction Destruction) that seemed to work more or less this way:

The map has a series of virtual points with a certain assigned height. You could think of the terrain like your standard 3D patch, where if you pull up a single vertex you get a little four-sided hill.

Vehicles and so on probably have a part of the model defined as a "bucket" that can hold dirt, and the excavators have a bucket and a polygon defined as the "cutting edge" (this is all guesswork) that allows them to load the bucket up and drop it in one of the vehicles which can carry dirt, a tipper truck.

I'm not sure how this would scale in RoR, since the maps in Construction Destruction are pretty small and might have, at most, a couple hundred height points.

Just something I thought would be interesting, if you someday go for dirt simulation.

I know that the game is a long way from this, but are you planning on multiplayer? There are a few good networking libraries, or so I hear, and with your rate of development I wouldn't be amazed if it someday were implemented... one thing we'd need would be saveable states, so that we could work on a "big dig" (if dirt simulation was implemented), like terraforming a whole part of a map over a few real-life days.

Just my two cents.

11/5/06 13:27

Blogger Cctoide said...

I was also wondering whether the processing power needed to simulate truck vs. truck interaction has any chance of being lowered...
On my AMD Athlon XP 1800+ the framerate goes down to 4FPS every time I get within the "calculation" radius of a truck with another truck. When out in the open I can usually do around 30 FPS (I have a GeForce 5200 FX graphics card).

11/5/06 13:29

Blogger werner said...

i have also construction destruction thay have also a lot of buttons and lamps

and i have the seem videocard
but i think that you have a little beter pc because i can have 20-30 fps normal most of the time it is 25 fps but if i come close to a orther truck it drops to 11-15 fps but if it is a heavy truck than it have the problems also but i have never that i drops to 4 fps
only if i hav more truck on the orther truck

11/5/06 14:07

Anonymous Anonymous said...

can anyone provide a link to the vccrt.msi file download. I cant seem to find it...

16/5/06 09:30

Anonymous Jamie said...

Its in the 2.5a and 2.5 folder lookf or it

16/5/06 13:21

Blogger werner said...

on the seem place as the exe file for to start RoR
that is only with 0.25 and the update 0.25a

16/5/06 16:41

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeahh, that would be great if you could raise the number of wheels tha you can use.

anyway keep up the good work.

ohyeah, when can we expect a version of the truckeditor that we can use?

16/5/06 21:18

Anonymous Sheep said...

Will the truck editor allow us to make new types of trailer also? Like Low loader trailers, and flatbeds with those securing lugs you put on the HIAB truck.

17/5/06 13:49

Anonymous Anonymous said...

can you be a little more specific as to where the vccrt.msi file is...

18/5/06 22:53

Blogger werner said...

you have download RoR 0.25a (or 0.25) zip file
if you extract him you get a new folere RoR 0.25a (or RoR 0.25)

if you open the map you can see one of those two things

anorther map (and than you go to the nex step)
you see a lot of files
and one of them is vccrt.msi

19/5/06 10:42

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the idea of excavation vehicles. I currently have a 10x8 Ginaf kipperfor the game and I am working on a 10x4 Leebur container carrier. I also trying to make a loader to load the kippper. It would make it more real if you could will the kipper with dirt.

19/5/06 23:17

Blogger pricorde said...

Just for info,
I tried to do dirt "my way" and it does not work well (too slow, too unstable). I was too optimistic with this "solution".
The next most tractable solution is a bit more complex, so don't expect to see it soon.
But I keep the idea and I'll try it later.

22/5/06 15:59

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I finished my Ginaf 10x4 with leebur container hook. I only need to tweak the performance and texure the truck. what for file format do you use for the texures? And is it posible to insert 3ds mesch files? when I finish the truck where is the best place to upload it?

22/5/06 23:03

Anonymous Jamie said...

send it to me i will upload it to me rigs of rods sie for you

23/5/06 00:03

Blogger werner said...

@ anonymous
the best way it is to upload by jamie at the fan site
than i can download it fast
i hope that i whil download it soon

23/5/06 11:22

Anonymous Jamie said...

Once hes sends me it i will put it straight up

23/5/06 12:08

Blogger werner said...

oke thanks

23/5/06 12:44

Anonymous Jamie said...

its up..

23/5/06 21:52

Blogger werner said...

thanks starting to download it

23/5/06 22:15

Blogger werner said...

....who i just amazed of the work it is a great work

it was easy to download it in less than a sec it was finished

but what a great trucks the dirth axel lower and hire it is just great

by the leebur truck every time the arms brake whil i drive or whil i pick up the load

i can whe secure the last peace of the kipper truck it wobble every where but if whe can secure that than that is muts beter only problem i have with that truck
(and now hope on sand that whe can pleas on it)(mayby whe also could dilever asfalt with it and drive forward with a special road pleas machine than whe can lay the road with the truck and than drive the road to the place, but in the mean time it is ......who.... i am just amazed of it)

23/5/06 22:43

Blogger Cctoide said...

Er... where is the file, exactly?

23/5/06 22:59

Anonymous Jamie said...

My site clikc my name
and could u sort the smei one as trailer legs wotn go up with it

23/5/06 23:45

Anonymous Jamie said...

Can u make a tractor and trailer now?

24/5/06 01:48

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm also working on trucks and trailers for transporting 20ft and 40ft containers. I'll make a krane to lift the containers on to the truck or trailer. I was thinking to use the 10x5 chassis for the 20ft and a semi with trailer for 2x 20ft or 1x 40ft container. They are quiet easy to make because I can use the files I allready have.
For the crane I have to start from scratch so don't expect a highly detailed vehicle.

24/5/06 11:22

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I modified the acontainer.load file to lower the loaded weight of the container. Default it is set to 10 tons. I lowered it to 7 tons. Then the arm will not break.
I will put the load file in to the zip file for the of shore pack

24/5/06 12:03

Blogger werner said...

mayby for the 20ft dat truck you can make a crane like this
at the both side there is a crane that lift the container on the body it has also standards to not tip over if it pul the load at top of him
a beter look picture

mayby it works with this

24/5/06 13:12

Anonymous Jamie said...

a tractor and lowloader would be great

24/5/06 13:44

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe later I was thinking more like this one:
and for the tracktor:
For the semi I want to use the flatbed as base and turn it to a 6x2 with the third axle liftable.

24/5/06 14:00

Blogger werner said...

that is also nice

but i had one problem when i turn of the engine the engine won't turn on if i press on x to turn the power on
and than on s but after a few minutes i get just around the 450 rpm and the power jus flash from on and out
i like if i press x to turn it on if i hold it than it just turn the engine on.

if there is no power you hold the x and it do automatiqule turn the enigne on if i hold it longer mayby at the dash that the key turn a little bit further like in a real car
(if there is damage model in the game mayby the time that the enigne is on thakes a little longer)

i woul like if the enigne turn a little faster than now

24/5/06 14:13

Anonymous Jamie said...

Get a tractor then a dolly unit for it

24/5/06 16:54

Blogger Cctoide said...

Hit "X" so the battery light turns on, then hold "S" until the engine starts up. Simple.

25/5/06 22:37

Blogger werner said...

i do that but after a few minutes i does not get hire than 450 rpm

i would like if it is pres x to turn on the power (so that whe can turn on the lights and the dash apear(because the digitial dash))and if whe hold the x down that than the enigine turn inmidialy because i must wait to long whan the starter has fired the engine

25/5/06 22:43

Blogger werner said...

when can whe aspect RoR 0.26

29/5/06 19:51

Anonymous theafro said...

It's gonna make playing with these toys you've given us so much more fun! :)

I've spent a little while playing with the self levelling suspension system, and with variable ride heights too!

can't wait for the editor, we'll be seing a lot of new trucks/experiments before too long.

keep coding man!

31/5/06 01:11

Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes when can we expect .26?

31/5/06 12:08

Anonymous Gearstix said...

pricorde, when i try and save the truck i edited in the truck editor, it does nothing... Is this supposed to happen?

18/6/06 21:15

Anonymous gearstix said...

nevermind... found it.. but my truck crashes game.. its a good start anyway!

18/6/06 21:21

Anonymous Anonymous said...


15/7/06 03:03


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