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Friday, August 18, 2006

Aircraft preview video

Today I uploaded a preview video of the new aircraft. It's almost finished, I have just to add more cockpit instruments.

If you can't see the video here, try this link.


Anonymous Jamie said...

Very nice pricorde

18/8/06 19:04

Anonymous Seggons said...

Wow that looks awsome.

The only thing that has not got is the tire smoke when the wheels touch the deck (ground). But apart from that it looks fan-dabby-dozy *thumbs up*.

Also while I am typing this, have you sorted out the 'issue' with the plane covering the map in such a short time?

This looks to be one hell of upgrade.

18/8/06 19:10

Blogger pricorde said...

Yeah, smoke effects... I'll try to make them generic so trucks will also be able to "burn rubber"...

I won't touch the map size problem for the moment, or else you'll have to wait until christmas for me to fix the terrain ;-)

I'm away for the week-end (in a plane :-), so don't expect an imminent release.


18/8/06 21:02

Anonymous Adeodat said...

A dream coming true ! I always wanted to play a game where planes were deformable ! Looks reeeeeealy nice !
Good job!

18/8/06 22:07

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Woow, awesome progress!

19/8/06 00:30

Anonymous vic said...

Great work! Little sugestion : can you add position lights on the wings and landing lights?

19/8/06 02:44

Anonymous Aimee said...

That looks stunning! As others have said, tyre smoke and flashing beacons would be the icing on the cake :) and if you really want to bring my PC completely to it's knees, a big dust cloud kicked up by the props :D

I've already started thinking about designs for MSP/HSP type shock absorbing platforms for air dropping the wrecker in to remote locations :) Though that would need parachutes, a whole extra area of physics for you :D

19/8/06 04:02

Anonymous Daniel_L said...

For the scenery, you can maybe do like in the old Flight Unlimited version 1, just mirror the current scenery on each edge.

19/8/06 13:49

Anonymous Anonymous said...

great video of flying with aircraft
cu C.H.

19/8/06 20:04

Anonymous RedRiver said...

Sweet man! Good job!

19/8/06 21:27

Anonymous Zipppy said...

piricord, when will version 0.28 be released? I just can't wait for it. BTW, nice work!

19/8/06 21:38

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Next week

19/8/06 21:47

Anonymous Mac Dude said...

really? i thought the week after.

20/8/06 02:33

Anonymous Sheep said...

That really does look good, Pricorde. Great work! =)

20/8/06 12:16

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You stink at landing :( anyway great work cant wait to try crash her myself! ;)

20/8/06 15:42

Anonymous Mrpatrick said...

i like your aircraft cant wait for it

20/8/06 16:18

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just plain amazing

21/8/06 00:32

Blogger Cctoide said...

Is this going to support simulation of helicopters too?

Some sort of vertical velocity attenuation device (i.e. parachute) would be useful, too...

Nice work with the plane dynamics!

21/8/06 01:01

Anonymous Anonymous said...

this heres cabovercmk sayin nice job man!!! hey u should make an airport with smaller and flyable planes in hangars for 0.29! try it out makin a heli and the parachute thing too! nice man!!!!!!!!

21/8/06 01:47

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you are reading this Pricode just release RoR 0.28 now (It doesn't matter if anything is finished) so a week or two later release RoR0.29 (With what you planned for RoR0.28 to be released) so we can atually fly the plane now and not later.

21/8/06 02:33

Anonymous Anonymous said...

calm down man :)

21/8/06 10:18

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't wait for RoR 0.28 to be releashed

21/8/06 16:54

Anonymous Anonymous said...

cool video

21/8/06 19:24

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really really want it! :P

23/8/06 00:01

Anonymous Anonymous said...

the crash scene looks real. this will be fun to play with.

23/8/06 16:33

Anonymous theafro said...

you've outdone yourself this time Pricorde! very very cool! :)

23/8/06 19:23

Anonymous Mac Dude said...

was the last crash in realtime, or in fast forward?

23/8/06 23:59

Anonymous vic said...

i'm sure its realtime!

24/8/06 00:44

Anonymous theafro said...

plane crashes don't tend to be slow affairs!

can't wait to try out the new physics with a little stunt plane or something.

I've already started sketching ideas for cool planes to build! :)

24/8/06 04:05

Anonymous theafro said...

Just seen the vids on google of my trials truck going up the course :)

one thing tho', why are you going backwards pricorde? :D

24/8/06 04:09

Anonymous Seggons said...

That would be me trying to get a decent looking video uploaded to google video.

The reason I was going backwards was that when going up forwards the rear tipped the whole truck over most of the time because of the amount of movement it has. If you go up backwards, you still get all that movement, but it's controlled movement :D .

24/8/06 08:24

Anonymous Anonymous said...

still no update ? :( :( :(

24/8/06 21:22

Anonymous Adeodat said...

I heard he plans to release it maybe this week-end but without smoke and lights for the moment...

24/8/06 23:42

Anonymous danharibo said...

OMG, just release it pricorde, you have a smashable plane, thts all i want :p

25/8/06 14:59

Anonymous Anonymous said...

easy guys... its something he does in his spare time. he will release it when its ready.. if you keep pushing him he may just not release it at all, i've seen that happen in other places before its not like he is required to share his work with us

25/8/06 15:21

Anonymous Anonymous said...

cool video

26/8/06 03:40


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