News and Updates on the Rigs of Rods truck simulator, based on an advanced soft-body physics engine.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Happy Birthday!

One year ago, I decided to make my freetime game/physics experiment (codename "Tracks") public. I gave it a nice name, opened this blog, and uploaded version 0.11, the first public release.

One year later and 16(!) releases later, Rigs of Rods is still an revolutionnary experiment, and it gains traction every month! (RoR is now downloaded about 8000 times per version!)
Now, new horizons opens with the addition of flight physics to RoR, promising another unique experience of flexible physics as never seen in the mainstream "game industry".

To celebrate the first anniversary of the public release of RoR, here is a screenshot of the very first truss ever simulated with the physics engine. It was somewhere around late march 2005.

Cheers, and thanks to all the fans!


Anonymous Jamie said...

Were Greatful for Your Work Pricorde Happy Birthday Rigs Of Rods...

4/8/06 00:26

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for your work. Its been fun, interesting, and educational watching the progress of this sim. Happy Birthday RoR!!!!!!!

4/8/06 01:17

Anonymous Jamie said...

I Have been working on a small website for RoR
link is

4/8/06 01:35

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday RoR.

4/8/06 06:07

Anonymous dinsterzz said...

happy birthday!!!
will the plane be able for download soon? :D

4/8/06 12:15

Blogger Cctoide said...

Happy birthday RoR!

4/8/06 12:47

Anonymous CrazyA said...

Happy birthday RoR !!
And keep up the great work Pricorde !!

4/8/06 16:28

Anonymous Vic said...

Happy Birthday RoR !!!

4/8/06 18:28

Anonymous RedRiver said...

Happy Birthday! *opens up the champaigne*

5/8/06 14:00

Anonymous sheep said...

Happy Birthday. =)

6/8/06 10:58

Anonymous Anonymous said...

happy birthday to you
I hope in the next months a truck crane come. Not so which like the DAF flatbed, I means a large truck crane.
But further so, it becomes ever better the Game RoR
sorry for bad Englisch

8/8/06 10:23

Anonymous Anonymous said...

just saying the airplane looks great with the props. Happy B-day RoR

9/8/06 03:49

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday and congratulations!!

I'd like to drive a non-articulated bus, it's is possible in the next version of the game?

Sorry for my bad english.

Congratulations again, bye!

9/8/06 18:54

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe when the truck editor is fully done you can build your own. I can't wait for the full editor. It's gonna be great.

9/8/06 22:49

Anonymous Mac Dude said...

hey pricorde, is the blue dakar truck texture from a paper model?

10/8/06 20:45

Blogger pricorde said...

hey pricorde, is the blue dakar truck texture from a paper model?

Yes it is! Paper models makes texturing easy in RoR because they share the same constraints: volumes must be simple and flat.
It comes from the (now defunct) team de Rooy dakar site.

10/8/06 23:27

Anonymous Sheep said...

Pricorde, can weighted nodes be made? So, for example you could make a pendulum using a rod as the arm, and a node as a hanging weight. I think it'd be a good way to simulate a moving load in a tanker. set up a couple of pendulums inside the actual tanker, and they'll all swing about inside it like water, or whatever affecting the handling and so on.

11/8/06 23:27

Blogger pricorde said...

That's a very good idea!
It's easily doable by setting end nodes as load bearing weights.

12/8/06 19:58

Blogger werner said...

i just bake from holiday and there are many new things that means that i must look a lot of things

and a happy birtday whit the great game
i am downloading every version sinces RoR 0.12


12/8/06 23:15

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow it flies, congrats on a year of releases and the launch of the first RoR aircraft.

13/8/06 22:36

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pricode, could you name your next release Pricode's flight and rigs sim?
It would make a great name for the game

13/8/06 23:34

Anonymous Anonymous said...

P.S. RoR is listed as a sim on Blackhole Motorsports!


13/8/06 23:41

Anonymous vic said...

Nice :) Waiting for next release !

14/8/06 01:11

Anonymous vic said...

new screenshots are amazing! Great job!

15/8/06 21:28

Anonymous Anonymous said...

this whil be fun to use in the game

after a year and there is stil new great things


15/8/06 23:02

Anonymous aimee said...

Flight stuff looks fantastic, in the best flight sim traditions have you managed to fly it under the bridge yet? :D

Are you going to model parachutes so we can drop vehicles, or use them to pull stuff out the back during a touch and go?

16/8/06 21:53

Blogger pricorde said...

I tried to pass under the bridge but not enough ;-) (it often ends with ripped landing wheels stuck on the bridge and the plane in the water...)

I also tried air drop: a very good way to destroy totally your truck. But fun anyway :-)

Parachutes sounds interesting...

But I have to finish things up... cockpit instruments, runways, accurate modeling of the props, etc.

16/8/06 23:19

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everytime I try to drive one truck on another truck / trailer, my fps frops down to 10-15 (normal fps is 50-80).
Same happens when I drive on the bridge, or when I load some cargo on a truck / trailer.

Is it only me who got that "bug", or everyone else too?

17/8/06 18:44

Blogger werner said...

everyone have that
the pc must calculate more rods from the load and truck
instead of only the load

that makes it a lot slower

17/8/06 21:04

Anonymous Anonymous said...

all i'm going to say is
here to another year of ror

17/9/06 12:58


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