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Friday, July 21, 2006

RoR 0.27

Finally the long awaited 0.27 is here. Vacations, summer heat, and other professionnal and familial activities have slowed down a bit development.

The new stuff:
  • Flashing lights on some trucks! Use the key 'M' to switch them on. (on AZERTY keyboards, use the key at the right of the 'N' key)
  • Seats in the trucks, and other accessories (air intake, spare wheels)
  • New bridges. They are fragile, if you overload them, they will break down!
  • The big ship in Helens has been upgraded, now you can board in it.
  • Now you can select among more than 12 trucks
  • Editor improvements, with rods edition capabilities. You can also load the loads (sic). Not finished yet, lots of work to do to finish it.
  • I included the cool rock crawling course and vehicle contributed by theafro. The course and vehicle are preliminary, and will be certainly improved. Test your nerves and try to go as high as possible with the Rockeater vehicle on the artificial trial course in the Aspen terrain.


Anonymous Sheep said...

Huzzah! I'll be trying this first thing in the morning.

22/7/06 00:45

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Real NICE!:D

22/7/06 01:34

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hurrah hurrah. Oh glorious wonderosity. .27 is here and I am at a loss for words

22/7/06 04:22

Anonymous dinsterzz said...

W00T, finally!! love you pricorde!!!!

22/7/06 11:40

Anonymous berger said...

woooo, been checking daily waiting for an update :)

22/7/06 12:46

Anonymous dinsterzz said...

on the fan forum from jamie a guy named questnl made a couple of trucks, and a guy said, if u look around u will find his 0.1 addon pack

where can i find that pack?i couldnt find it...

22/7/06 20:11

Anonymous Seggons said...

I would link you to it, but for the following reasons I cannot.

1. The trucks were at a early stage of their development when the file was put together, and have since improved by looking at the screenshots.

2. The file is only open to testers, I'm not a tester, but I 'stumbled' upon it.

3. The author of the trucks will send out a public version when he is good and ready, if you happen to find it like I did then well done to you.

Just belive me when I say, you have come so close to the add-on pack without knowing it ;)


22/7/06 21:26

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey pricorde, is it possible to make so u can play LAN on this game? maby for the 0,28:D.if it's possible it would bee realy niice;).. and maby a fire Truck or a fire enginge?:D..thanks

23/7/06 20:29

Anonymous Jamie said...

Yea lan and online multiplayer please pricorde its a must

23/7/06 20:33

Blogger walaber said...

glad to see this project is still going strong! I just played a bit on 0.27, the new features are great!!

24/7/06 01:16

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jamie i'm with YOU!

24/7/06 10:34

Anonymous passatgt said...

Hungarian Fan site:

24/7/06 16:46

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have a problem. When i edit a truck or load then try to use it my game crashes. Also when i make new roads they dont save?

24/7/06 20:40

Anonymous Vicvega said...

Great work!

24/7/06 23:29

Blogger pricorde said...

Thanks to all! (hi walaber!)

To save the roads, you have to do Step 5 of this tutorial:

The editor is not finished so if you create a truck from scratch in the editor, it will be incomplete and crash (because it will have no engine/wheels/cameras, etc.)
You have to complete it by editing the text file using this tutorial:

25/7/06 13:23

Anonymous Anonymous said...

pricorde theres a problem unless its the truck i drive im driving the flatbed the scania r470 flatbed ok i drive over the bridge leading to the big ship but it doesent let me over i just fall threw the bridge but on aspen i tryed it and it let me over it why does this happen???

25/7/06 16:39

Anonymous dinsterzz said...

like i said, great work!!!
but, when i'm looking at my truck and wanna load a load :) and then use f1 and sometimes accidently press esc, then the game shuts down :(
can u add a menu?
like when pressing esc,
Do you really want to exit?

would be much better!!!
and can you tell me what trucks r added except the rock crawler

25/7/06 18:26

Anonymous Anonymous said...

A night mode would be sooo cool.
especially with the flashing lights!.

imagine you ride in the dark with flashing lights. it reflects very clearly on buildings and the wide open:P wouldn't that be so cool?

the editor is nice too. but it would be handy if there was a right and left view, a top and bottom, and a back and frond view.

but for now the editor is a bit unusefull for me:(. i don't understand the whole thing with the nodes and the things in the text file yet.

but i hope that i understand one day....:P. i'm full of ideas for new trucks;)

anyway, Pricorde you did a great job. just amazing!!!!!

25/7/06 21:47

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Recently i have tried RoR 0.26 and i must say it is beautifull! What physic engine you are using? And why you make all things (include hard things like truck hull) out of connected sticks?

25/7/06 22:31

Blogger werner said...

just great whit the aircraft

only i have still the problem whit the turntable on the truck from the crane it can turn only it stuck or it just don't get further

i know that you work whit that hydraulics
and that you must build stable easier turntable
and that it is hard to code it

but that makes the game must better and easier
espiecally to build the antonov 12

ps whil there also be antonov 124
and that whe must place the pieces whit a crane like this one (overhead crane)
(but than a lot bigger)

25/7/06 23:08

Anonymous passatgt said...

Which 3D modelling programe is edited the truck?

26/7/06 00:47

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your right. That airplane does blow my mind. Great job.

26/7/06 01:06

Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for the road tip. When i edit all i do is basic stuff to the truks or loads and the game crashes when i try to use it... im not creating a truck from scratch.

26/7/06 02:31

Blogger Cctoide said...

Are you considering implementing vehicles on rails, too?

26/7/06 14:55

Blogger pricorde said...

Okay, time for some answers:
-There is a known bug that makes the scania flatbed (and probably the trailer flatbed) go thu the bridges. Will be addressed in the next version.
-There is a miscommunication: when I said "Now you can select among more than 12 trucks" that means that the loading windows now can scroll to show you more than 12 choices. The previous version had issues when people added too much extra trucks. The rock crawler is the only new truck in this version.
-I agree night mode would be cool, but it requires a major hack to make the ground receive the light correctly. It's on my list.
-The physics engine of RoR is totally custom and is based on interconnected "sticks". That's what makes RoR so different.
-The game should not crash when you load an edited truck. I will investigate.
-Trains are not expected soon. Body flex is almost useless for them. I prefer offroad mayhem!
-And yeah, I know about hydrolic turntables/exit window, etc. It's on my long long list!


26/7/06 17:04

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great work ones again. Airplane is cool too. Im very curious how you will impliment the physics of it and how it will react in your 3d world.
Funny thing, for a second I though that the airplane was actually a over turned giant crane on its side. :)

PS. someone should research how a construction crane works with balanced weights and all the other neat stuff.

Your work is appreciated.

26/7/06 17:12

Blogger werner said...

whe know that the list is long what you can do

and whe see every time big new things

and you select what get the priority next to the bugs

26/7/06 17:31

Anonymous Anonymous said...

thank you Pricorde for the fun game.

26/7/06 20:14

Anonymous Anonymous said...

how about a little forklift to load the crates on the plane? that would be cool.

27/7/06 03:30

Anonymous TruckFan said...

I suggests new type of trailers, like this one:,%20Schenker.jpg

What you think?

27/7/06 21:56

Blogger werner said...

that whil be than the first game that support this type of trailer

it whil be cool to have it in the game.

mayby than whe can make a extra long trailer at the back and the same trailer at the front

27/7/06 23:32

Anonymous Vic said...

yeah, i like that ->

Pricorde, what you think about that?

Best regards!

28/7/06 00:12

Anonymous Jamie said...

Yea Drag And Tow Over Here..

28/7/06 00:53

Anonymous passatgt said...

Gas load:

I don't know how do texturing.
How need texturring?

28/7/06 11:31

Blogger Cctoide said...

Thought of another item for the wishlist: Ability to sort wheels into groups, and be able to switch power on/off to these groups at wheels... this would allow, for example, vehicles with 2WD/4WD, or toggling on an extra set of wheels for someone's crazy mountain-climbing contraption...

28/7/06 19:09

Blogger Cctoide said...

Are you planning on adding brake lights, flares, and turn signals, too?

28/7/06 21:35

Anonymous RedRiver said...

Sweet man! Im gonna enjoy it for a couple of hours!

29/7/06 15:53

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Du très beau travail, bravo.
Un ancien de X-plane parait-il ?

1/8/06 19:33

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! I cant wait to test this plane! But what with limitations of maps? Maybe solution known from 1nsane?

1/8/06 23:50

Anonymous Mac Dude said...

Can u e-mail me the plane, as a load? Email is

3/8/06 07:04

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just 3 comments:
1. Pressing J or F10 will freeze the game then pressing it again will unfreeze the game. Can you fix it?
2. Can you fix the recovery arms from going "inside out?"
3. How about a level editer?

3/8/06 20:04

Anonymous Vic said...

Plane looks great! You work real fast!

3/8/06 23:38

Anonymous Anonymous said...

pricorde i luv ur gr8 game, i think it is awesome, i may also put it better than 18wos games. may i suggst a feature for multiplayer, different light features (indicators, reverse lights, brake lights wire links to the trailers for lights there too and a reverse buzzer), new trailers for the DAF 3600 semi, new semis (scania, volvo, etc.) and a change control feature too, also i would like to suggest in addition to the do you want to quit (y/n) post by another avid ROR gamer, a save game function. also a depot, where loads are either given to you or you use a forklift to load on a certain number of pallets. thank you for making such a fantastic game, i am eager to see version 0.28, because the screenshots are awesome. sorry i have rambled on but i feel that the game is so realistic now, then why not develop this achievement into further feilds of realism. thank you again, postynopat.

8/8/06 15:59

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey.. when can we expect 0,28?:P.. real good game MAN!

9/8/06 19:49

Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow cabovercmk says"nicenicenicenicenice!!!!! now u should try to make stobe single and barlights, and beacon barlights!!!

21/8/06 01:52


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