News and Updates on the Rigs of Rods truck simulator, based on an advanced soft-body physics engine.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

RoR 0.29

The new version is out!
  • Tons of new trucks (an Agora S bus, a huge Liebherr crane, a port crane, a police car and the Caliber contributed by mcreed).
  • Performance improvements (but no more replay mode)
  • Improvement of the airplane aerodynamics, that has a smoother handling at lower power setting. Also retractable gear (F3/F4) and automatic differencial braking to help taxiing.
  • Special effects on the airplane (press M to see the light show)
  • Enhanced fixed camera view for airplane, and the possibility to have multiple cameras aboard a vehicle (currently on the Liebherr crane you can sit in the driving cab or the crane cab, and also in the Agora L you can sit in the back of the bus and drive! Press C multiple time to switch between cameras)
  • Joystick configuration bonanza: you can simultaneously use a wheel for the trucks and a joystick for the plane.
  • Fully manual clutch mode: press Q two times, and prepare to stall! Note that you must depress clutch to shift, as in real life. You can use an analog joystick for clutch control.
  • Lots of bug fixes and enhancements (upgrade of Ogre version from 1.2.0 to 1.2.3).
Beware there is a bug that makes stencil shadow mode very slow. I am investigating this bug, and a patch will be released when it will be fixed. In the interim, avoid stencil shadows if you want a good framerate.



Anonymous Jamie said...

thanks pricorde

13/10/06 00:25

Anonymous Mac Dude said...

WWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 0.29!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

13/10/06 00:46

Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks looks great as always.

13/10/06 00:58

Anonymous edberg said...

About fucking time!

13/10/06 00:59

Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeeez downloading right now :D

13/10/06 01:19

Anonymous Mac Dude said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my best fps was 2.7 in the cop car! on my old 0.28 my average fps is 10-15. what is happening?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

13/10/06 02:53

Anonymous Anonymous said...

loo at the video settings. Mine is exectly the same, pretty much

13/10/06 03:17

Anonymous Anonymous said...


13/10/06 03:17

Blogger Romka said...

Finally got an account here. :)
Nice sim.
I have a little problem with controls though. I have ECCI pedals USB, but it looks like in the game you can only do combined axis. Can you make separate axis for gas and brake?


13/10/06 04:15

Anonymous Edberg said...

We need more small cars! A nice small single engine plane would be nice to. NOW GET TO WORK! *Cracks Whip*

13/10/06 04:58

Anonymous Mac Dude said...

be nice. if pricord wanted to then he would.

13/10/06 05:26

Anonymous Anonymous said...

mac dude
mayby it is the schadow

13/10/06 10:53

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i can get 100 fps whit the stencil shadow on

i don't think i find the bug

13/10/06 11:25

Anonymous Anonymous said...

very good trucks RoR,thanks pricord

13/10/06 14:03

Anonymous Mac Dude said...

i set it to no shadow. the only thing that wasnt minimum wast texture filterin. that was trilinier. i set it to none and now i get 15-20 on average :D

13/10/06 16:12

Blogger werner said...

3D Sound renderer Software
Cockpit options None
Controler Force Feedback Disable
Controler for aircraft ailerons Keyboard
Controler for aircraft elevators Keyboard
Controler for aircraft rudder Keyboard
Controler for aircraft throtle Keyboard
Controler for vehicle direction Keyboard
Controler for vehicle manual clutch Keyboard
Controler for vehicle manual shift Keyboard
Controler for vehicle throtle/brake Keyboard
Shadow technique Stencil shadows (best looking)
Smoke effects Engine smoke + Dust
Special effects None
Texture Filtering Anisotropic (best looking)
Threads 2 (Hyper-Threading or Dual core CPU)
Water effects Basic

than i can stil have to 100fps (for the garage it is more 20fps but if i am at the chackpoints in north hellens i can get 100fps)

i see not lower fps thanks to the shadow effect

but thanks anyway fot the new release

13/10/06 16:23

Anonymous kool said...

the new version is soooooooo much faster!!! ;)

13/10/06 20:25

Anonymous Anonymous said...

when you edit the police car it comes out with truck sounds and then the trucks will not have any egine sounds.

13/10/06 21:51

Blogger pricorde said...

The editor is not up to date and does not "support" some new options, and destroys them when saving.
I suggest you to use the editor only to modify the nodes and beams sections, and copy/paste them into the original file in replacement of the old nodes/beams (I usually use it this way to do my new vehicles).

13/10/06 23:10

Anonymous ZPGamez said...

Hey pricorde, I am starting to code and template the Indie Games section over at my website and your page is Just thought I'd let you know, the whole thing has to be PHPed together and the template is under construction but there it is.

13/10/06 23:31

Anonymous Stealth said...

0.29 works great.
And it runs with no problems in windows vista! :)

14/10/06 00:18

Anonymous dinsterzz said...

w00t, new version, downloading now!!!
thanks pricorde u amase me every version!!

14/10/06 11:41

Blogger DanHaribo said...

Thanks! To the petercopter!

14/10/06 14:06

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hm why did the replayfunction doesnt work? hittin "J" nothing happens :/ , whats wrong with it?

14/10/06 15:25

Blogger DanHaribo said...


14/10/06 15:57

Anonymous Mac Dude said...

pricord turned it off :( i didnt really like it, but i could stop the plane in mid-air if i had to go pee :P

14/10/06 18:24

Anonymous teXmeX said...

Thanks Pricorde for this new version. I'm wondering if there is a key on the keyboard for the manuall clutch though.

14/10/06 23:20

Anonymous teXmeX said...

I found it myself, it's the left shift button.

15/10/06 00:02

Anonymous Bonehead said...

I love this, THANK YOU! :D

15/10/06 01:49

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can i play RoR when i haven't any internet?

15/10/06 13:59

Blogger Seggons said...

The only internet use you need is to download it, after that it's fully offline use :D

15/10/06 15:22

Anonymous vic said...

Improved airplane and new machines are great! Big thanks! Keep up good work!

15/10/06 19:08

Blogger dirtriderx55 said...

Hey were is the peterble's,mack's,frightliner's that stuff put them on 0.30!!!! please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

16/10/06 02:20

Anonymous linux2 said...


Do you think you could compile the software without the menu to select what options you would like (the thing that requires the visual C8 runtime) and just have the game start. I might be able to get it to run under linux emulated if you do so.

And if you can't tell by the name. I only use linux. so without it on linux i cannot play your awesome game :-(


16/10/06 05:20

Blogger Seggons said...

Pricorde will do the work to get it to Linux, but before he can, he needs enough people to donate so he can buy the hardware needed for the job in hand.

16/10/06 08:16

Anonymous adam said...

wooh this is great ! -nothing more neaded to be said.

16/10/06 15:24

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi the manual clutch would be great, but is there a way to invert it? It works inverted for me, when I press the pedal then it is relased.

16/10/06 18:38

Blogger DanHaribo said...

Seggons, if Pricorde gave me the Src i would try and compile on my linux machine

16/10/06 19:11

Blogger Seggons said...

But if Pricorde does do it, everyone gets a level or support, improvements and bug fixing. And everyone knows that Pricords a great coder so people with a Linux/Mac machine know they are going to get a decent product.

16/10/06 20:56

Anonymous linux2 said...

I do agree he is a great coder, but for the interm it would be nice if i could just emulate it. cause im almost certain i could emulate it without that menu. That menu causes cedega to crash even after getting the correct DLLS to open it (the vccr.msi or whatever it is won't install so manual install of DLLS is needed). If anyone can convince him that would be awesome, this is one of the most entertaining games i have ever played :-)

16/10/06 22:54

Anonymous linux2 said...

O and i forgot on thing, im not old enough to donate... but i would like to help out in any way possible

16/10/06 22:54

Blogger Seggons said...

Would'nt it better to wait for the real thing, reather then emulating it and getting a poor performance and having to settle for 2nd best?

16/10/06 23:30

Blogger dirtriderx55 said...

I would like to donate but im not old enough im 12.. sorry my dad wont do it

16/10/06 23:30

Anonymous Smithy said...

V. good, is is really v. good. 2 probs though: the smoke coming out of the aeroplane is unrealistic-less smoke please, and the suspension bridges on both maps are too bendy! Thanks anyway-it was great! Keep it up!

17/10/06 09:07

Blogger pricorde said...

Too much smoke? Its not a bug, its a special "feature" of the engines of the Antonov 12, the Ivchenkos pour a lot of smoke in real life:
Note also that in real life, full power is rarely used (only on takeoff and for a limited time).

The bendyness of the brige will be resolved once I will add a "settling" feature.

About Linux: a linux version is on its way (thanks to a donator), I have installed Ogre on a Gentoo yesterday and I will be able to start porting soon. In theory, the only non-portable lib I use is for the joysticks (DirectInput) so the porting should be quite straightforward in theory.

17/10/06 13:55

Anonymous Smithy said...

OK - I suppose. It's just sometimes it blinds me and puts me off the take-off. oh well. but i still love the game. I do have one other problem though - the crane next to the boat on N. St. Helens never wants to get started for me - all i do is put the ignition to 'on' then hold down 's' (the starter button), and once it gets up to 3 or 4 revs it starts for 1 second or less, then cuts out! not sure why, though. has this happened to anyone else? if so, please let me know. Thanks - hope the bendyness of the bridges can be solved soon!

17/10/06 17:28

Anonymous klay king said...

Yo smithy! it's me! The bridges don't wobble as much on mine, don't know why, but I do agree that there needs to be less smoke on the plane. It also needs a bigger cargo hold and sharper steering so it can actually taxi ONTO the runway but other than that, I can't fault it!

17/10/06 18:57

Anonymous klay king said...

P.S. Dear Pricorde, this game is probably the best one I have ever played, I was origionaly trying to find a car driving simulator when I was told about ROR, I downloaded it and it and I was amazed. Just as a thaught for later versions, could you make A.I. traffic that is optional and some cars to drive? (no pressure);) Keep up the good work! :)

klay king

17/10/06 19:05

Anonymous Smithy said...

Yup, klay king (?) but as long as you don't put the plane onto full power straight away, it'll go onto the runways. And also, the front wheel on the plane could be stronger - even if you land on the back wheels, braking causes it to break! It's annoying! But yes, a bigger cargo hold would be helpful. Yes, Klay King it is an amazing game. But, too many cars spoils the point of the game - one's enough! Trucks rule! But A.I. traffic would be cool too, but I can't stand too much! Thanks, Smithy.

17/10/06 19:11

Anonymous The cult of ROR said...

Calling all designers! Does anyone have any custom planes, cars, boats or trucks. If so, please reply to this with a web adress that we can copy, and the authers name. We will judge them and declare our favourite designers! We are also judging any scenery that resembles a town or city with roads and houses.

17/10/06 21:34

Blogger Seggons said...

Maybe a web address to this said competition?

17/10/06 21:50

Anonymous the cult of ror said...

What adress?

18/10/06 08:28

Blogger Seggons said...

The web address to this compertion your running, so at the end you can show everyone the winner on the site.

18/10/06 19:09

Anonymous the cult of ror said...

I am announcing it on the latest post, so keep reading these. If pricorde has made a new post then I'll add it on there

19/10/06 07:19

Anonymous danharibo said...

Why are you making your own site? there is allready one? i made it!

19/10/06 21:33

Anonymous the cult of ror said...

I have NOT got my own site! I am posting it on a comment like this one! ): (

19/10/06 22:09

Anonymous Danharibo said...

What? you just said you are making a site where you can vote?

19/10/06 22:51

Blogger Seggons said...

Dan, man, read all the posts before posting.

The cult said he was doing a little compertition to judge the best truck. I asked for the internet address to the compertition and there isn't one. He will post the winner in here or in the latest new comments.

19/10/06 22:59

Anonymous the cult of ror said...

Thank you seggons! :P

20/10/06 07:20

Anonymous bus man said...

youv don the articulated Agora-L and the Agora-S why don you do a dubble decker aka Agora-DD

20/10/06 08:53

Anonymous Anonymous said...


20/10/06 13:28

Anonymous M76 said...

One little suggestion. The police car should be less rigid, it feels like a rubber ball, when you chrash it into something. I'm trying to make it softer,
but I always end up ruining it :)

20/10/06 21:15

Anonymous the cult of ror said...

Any mods yet? ..

20/10/06 23:20

Anonymous DANHARIBO said...


21/10/06 19:16

Blogger Seggons said...

Danharibo, your just as useful as a wet fish.

@The Cult:

Hope thats useful for you. If not look here:

21/10/06 20:20

Anonymous Anonymous said...

WELL I'M ON HOLIDAY SO SHHHH, ok shut up now...

21/10/06 23:29

Anonymous Jamie said...

hes a pr*k he hacked my forum this is real jamie if u dotn bilve me contact me on

22/10/06 14:15

Anonymous Mac Dude said...

dont listen to him pricord. look in the 0.28 is flying comments ant youl see why. ;)

22/10/06 17:14

Anonymous jamie said...

mac dude its jamie here im from scotland if u have msn add me i will show u pics of me if u dotn beilve me

22/10/06 17:26

Anonymous givy it up said...

ok, nice try.

22/10/06 19:02

Anonymous the cult of ror said...

Thanx pricorde!

23/10/06 10:41

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yo Jamie! I have seen a pic of your asda truck and I would like to enter it into the competition. please could you attatch a link to a post!

23/10/06 11:12

Anonymous the cult of ror said...

Yo Jamie! I have seen a pic of your asda truck and I would like to enter it into the competition. please could you attatch a link to a post!

sorry about that but it didn't work properly the first time!

23/10/06 11:13

Blogger DanHaribo said...


23/10/06 20:21

Anonymous jamie said...

heres some

23/10/06 21:12

Anonymous Dnhribo said...

Those are old, you rnet jamie

23/10/06 21:21

Anonymous Mac Dude said...

yeah you arent! so stop lieing !!!!! >:-(

24/10/06 01:08

Blogger DanHaribo said...

should ror mmove forum?
i have been thinking about changing the softawre for the ror foru(but it meas loosing all the posts :(
so i wonder what you guys think?

24/10/06 22:26

Blogger DanHaribo said...

should ror mmove forum?
i have been thinking about changing the softawre for the ror foru(but it meas loosing all the posts :(
so i wonder what you guys think?

24/10/06 22:26

Anonymous Anonymous said...

is there no way to copy some post

some data is not nessery but the rest

or (this is mayby the best idee) use at the begin both forums and if the one does not use for more than a mound
than delete it or what you want to do whit it

24/10/06 22:48

Blogger Seggons said...

No it should not.
Why do I say no?
Because for 1 its not your forum its Jamies and how he wants to run the forum is up to him. and 2 the forums fine as it is, it has all the sections we need, the basic funtions we need and is alright for what we need.
If Jamie wants to change the forum software, then go ahead because as far as concerend, its his to manage, not your Haribo kid.

24/10/06 22:48

Blogger DanHaribo said...

Thats the porblem, Jamie hasnet logedin for ages. anyway, the old one would stay open for the archive benefit

25/10/06 00:40

Blogger Seggons said...

No No and No again. I know im not a voice for everyone but this is what I think. I don't care if Jamie does not log in again, its still his forum. Its not yours Haribo and is not yours to decide what happens to it.
Fine, open a new forum of your own. But just leave Jamie's forum how it is and give your administrationship to someone else.

25/10/06 19:04

Anonymous Mac Dude said...

I agree with seggons. let jamie do what HE wants with the forum.

25/10/06 19:11

Blogger DanHaribo said...

i dudn't choose to be an admin i was made an admin, and since proboards is rubish you are right

26/10/06 05:00

Blogger DanHaribo said...

i know, but i can't tell you becuase you are in a bad mood

26/10/06 05:05

Anonymous Mac Dude said...

cant tell us what?

26/10/06 06:22

Blogger Seggons said...

And whos in a bad mood? Another suggestion, would this be better on the forum as it has nothing to do with Rigs Of Rods?

26/10/06 08:26

Anonymous The cult of ror said...

The results of the ror competition.

Me and the rest of the cult have decided on our winners.


1st place: Klay-king’s flame job police car

2nd place: Jamie’s asda truck

3rd place: Klay-king’s Klay kingdom buses


1st place: Monster police car (Author unknown)

2nd place: Sports car police & hearse police (Author unknown)

3rd place: wheelie semi by Dennis Neufeld (I think)


1st place: Dune buggy by Mitchd03

2nd place: Plane by “Himself”

1st place: Orsta (Cannot find website and author’s name)
(Will try to find site)

1st place: Orsta scenery

2nd place: Monster police car

3rd place: Klay-king’s Flame job police car repaint.

Congratulations to everyone who made it into the finals and big congratulations to the winner, the creator of the Orsta scenery. If anyone finds out the site address and the author’s name, can you please post it on a comment.

Bye for now,

The cult of ROR.

26/10/06 16:39

Blogger DanHaribo said...

and i just realized, i was so absorbed by this holiday, i meant site not forum :P
the cult of ror: 0.0 big list!

26/10/06 17:52

Blogger DanHaribo said...

can someone tell the people on the forum:

26/10/06 18:04

Anonymous Mac Dude said...

just so you know, the truckstop is down

26/10/06 19:25

Blogger werner said...

@the cult of ror

i have find the download link for the map orsta only i don't know from whitch one it comes

found out where i got it

it is made by knnygar

know you know more about it

27/10/06 11:40

Anonymous The cult of ror said...

Thanks. Now that the people know who the winner is, we will slink back into the shadows of rod's rigs basement untill we err... dunno! bye

27/10/06 13:01

Blogger werner said...

i am sorry i have set the wrong link

you can download it her
undernead is the right link (i hope)

the right download link

i hope that it is now beter

27/10/06 13:20

Blogger DanHaribo said...

DOES anybody want to help make the new site? i need some people with php knowlage to help :)

27/10/06 20:57

Anonymous MoPaZ said...

i do REALLY want boats in the game!! =D
should't it be nice to drive around with a big diesel container ship? Build ships with propellers and rudders, paddlers, turning propeller, dream! =)...
with the physic motor he has i dont think it would be so difficult to add..=/

28/10/06 16:55

Blogger pricorde said...

Mopaz, I recently tried "Ship Simulator 2006" and it makes me thinking about adding ships indeed.

28/10/06 17:37

Anonymous Sheep said...

Good job with the Linux version. =) I agree with the idea of sailing a container ship about. The could be good fun. Little tug boats too.

28/10/06 18:56

Anonymous MoPaZ said...

WOW! =D it would be sooo cool!
have an extra flag on nodes that floats or something...and propellers like wheels, with different "rising grades"...well, you are the expert! i hope you can make it! =) and sooon!


28/10/06 18:58

Anonymous MoPaZ said...

im not an expert but isen't it eysier to add boats than airplanes? =/

28/10/06 19:00

Blogger pricorde said...

No, airplanes are simpler because the local forces depends on simple geometrical factors (wing surface and angle of attack) of a simple abstracted element (a wing section) with precomputed, well known, airfoil performance.

Boats are harder because you have volumetric-dependant buoyancy forces, and above that you have hydrodynamic forces that depends on the precise shape of the boat, and all this must be computed only for the part of the boat underwater. That's geometrically tougher.

28/10/06 21:57

Anonymous Mac Dude said...

yhy cant you just make a prop that wont spin the boat? we can do the rest

29/10/06 00:22

Anonymous MoPaZ said...

ok...but you are the master! =)
do you think you can do it?

29/10/06 12:15

Anonymous dinsterzz said...

good to see it works on linux, gl!

29/10/06 14:28

Anonymous Mac Dude said...


29/10/06 20:49

Blogger Seggons said...

If there is a mac version and Linux version, some people must of been really kind and donated loads. Unless there is alot of "fans" that just look at this blog and play the game.

29/10/06 23:15

Anonymous Mac Dude said...

Hey! dad wouldn't let me buy pricord a mac mini. so dont just say i look here and play >:(

29/10/06 23:47

Blogger Seggons said...

Sorry I phrased the above wrong. What I ment was there must be a huge fanbase to this game that dont go onto the forums, because alot of the people on Jamie's forum said they were unable to donate, yet Pricorde still managed to hit his target.

30/10/06 00:03

Anonymous Mac Dude said...

there isnt a mac yet, i was just saying it wouldnt be har to port to mac once it runs in linux :)

30/10/06 06:14

Blogger Seggons said...

Oh I see :p

30/10/06 08:01

Anonymous KaBOOOza said...

have you made any progress in the developmet yet??? =)
release date of a new version?

31/10/06 21:27

Anonymous Anonymous said...

release date is...

When It's Done!

1/11/06 20:39

Blogger DanHaribo said...


1/11/06 22:25

Anonymous Mac Dude said...


2/11/06 03:08

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I downloaded this game and I love it! I played it until my arm went numb :-) I would donate you some funds if I were over 18 for now I will have to wait :-) Thanks for the kewl game its great!

3/11/06 17:54

Anonymous Minion said...

Hey this game is awesome but when it goes to 0.3 or 0.29b plz add LAN or online support.

4/11/06 08:22


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