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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Accepting donations

Today I created a Paypal account where you can make donations to the project.
My plan is not to get rich that way. And the game is still free.
The rationale is that I decided to make versions of RoR for MacOS and for Linux, and that I need more hardware to do that. From the beginning, RoR is a $0 budget hobby for me, and I intend to keep it that way. So I turn to donation to buy the appropriate hardware.
Here is what I need:
So if you are interested in these ports, or if you want to help RoR anyway, donate using the button in the right of the page, that will bring you to a secure payment form from Paypal. (You must be over 18 to donate)



Anonymous dinsterzz said...

well, i hope you will get alot of donations.i would donate, but i'm 14, and it will be impossible to convince my dad to donate from my money :(

17/9/06 10:29

Anonymous Seggons said...

The only thing that worrys me is that im going to be donating for something I will never use and also have to wait for months on end before we would get another windows release.

On the positive side, it may bring in some more 'talent' to the community, and maybe make the game more well known.

17/9/06 11:27

Blogger pricorde said...

There is no obligation to donate.
I opened donations to make the porting of RoR toward other platforms possible.
I don't do RoR for the money.

17/9/06 12:20

Anonymous dinsterzz said...

we know :p
a quick suggestion, for the planes, could u turn the landing thing around, so u dont have to turn or else u will be of the map :p

17/9/06 12:40

Blogger DanHaribo said...

I would donate you your exelent project but being only 13 I can't. but i might be able to help you port to linux, i have an SuSe server Next to me so i Could try and build ror on that.

17/9/06 13:44

Blogger pricorde said...

danharibo, thanks for the proposition, but I prefer to keep a tight control on the source code.
I don't do RoR for the money, but as the project grows, I want to keep the property of the code in case of an eventual selling or commercialization in a distant future. It's not my plan for the moment, but I want to keep this option open.

17/9/06 17:48

Blogger DanHaribo said...

ok, fair enough

17/9/06 19:14

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep going! Every day i see new shots and that is great! i'm telling to everyone about this game in my website.

Please, keep the great work.

Regards, David

19/9/06 00:05

Anonymous David said...

I repeat, great game!! Its very fun!

19/9/06 00:06

Anonymous Questnl said...

Can you make a version for 64-bit windows. The current one does work on xp x64 but does not use all the recources that are available in 64-bit. For example more memory alocation and grafic features.

19/9/06 13:37

Anonymous mac dude said...

you should just finish the crane and make it 0.29 that would be fun!

19/9/06 16:31

Anonymous Seggons said...

I 100% agree with Questnl above.

19/9/06 18:20

Blogger DanHaribo said...

YOU are making great progress pricorde, keep it up :)

19/9/06 18:39

Anonymous dinsterzz said...

i have made a "truck" in google sketchup, what do i need to do to convert it for ror?it has no wheels, just the chassis...i saw a dude make a truck with sketchup but nobody there is answering..

19/9/06 20:43

Blogger DanHaribo said...

Don't ask here, this is For blog not Discusiin :P

19/9/06 20:50

Anonymous Mac Dude said...

hey pricord any new news on the crane or the police?

21/9/06 23:54

Anonymous Anonymous said...

does anyone knows a date??

23/9/06 14:54

Anonymous Anonymous said...

a date of release :p

23/9/06 17:06

Anonymous Anonymous said...

urm im guessing soonish, im sure it wont be too long,

23/9/06 17:18

Anonymous Seggons said...

I would estimate 2 to 3 weeks because Pricorde took some time out after 0.28. You also have to remeber that as the game get bigger it gets more complex and things take longer, so in the near future I guess that instead of getting a release once every month it will be once every 2 months then 3 months and so on as it grows.

23/9/06 17:24

Anonymous David said...

No please! :) RoR are getting better and i can't wait for releases!

23/9/06 19:33

Blogger linux2 said...

ROR is awesome, and i would like to make a donation for a linux port but i am not 18 :-(

I am able to offer resources though and I only use linux so getting ROR on linux would be quite nice for me.

Please contact me if you can think of any way i can help. i have servers you can use and such for data storage and what not and i would be very interesting in helping port the game, in things like beta testing as i know you would not like to release the source code (which i would have no intention of stealing anyway, you did a really good job with this game). I can't even begin to tell you how many hours i have been entertained playing this game but i don't have windows here so all i can do is watch the videos and look a screenshots, and it gets boring after a while. lol


13/10/06 23:21

Blogger linux2 said...

Ahh i just realized you have no way to contact me, thats no good. you can email me at

wga at

just read type it in like it reads (except without the spaces of course), just did that too keep it off some people radars

13/10/06 23:52

Blogger Nate said...

What do you need the external hard drive for? Are you that short on disk space? Linux can run in a pretty small space.

20/7/07 02:42


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