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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Cool videos

I found some cool Rigs of Rods videos posted by people on Google video.
A breathtaking rock crawling sequence:

And some stunts by a guy that has clearly tampered with his engine power settings!

Thanks to the original posters!

Check out also this guy that plays too much with RoR ;-)

Version 0.29 is under construction, but don't expect a release too soon.



Anonymous David said...

Haha too fast too rods! Nice nice.

24/9/06 18:53

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What do you need to do if you want to do that with the semitruck like in video 2??
answer please!!

24/9/06 20:29

Blogger pricorde said...

You have to increase engine torque, the third number in the engine line, and maybe he had also fiddled with the gear ratios. Then, using a good analog joystick also helps, to have a precise control on the throtling of the monster engine.

24/9/06 21:04

Anonymous Questnl said...

Great! maybe a new feature in RoR:
Truck- and Tracktor pulling.

24/9/06 22:44

Anonymous dieselfuelonly said...

Hey guys, I'm the one that made the second video. God I love Rigs of Rods as you can tell :) There were multiple features that I fiddled with to get the power down, but I've found that for general fun just set the torque to 99999.0. You should be able to do close to the stuff that I did in the vid. Enjoy!

24/9/06 23:50

Anonymous Seggons said...

Woo hoo, my video made the front page :D .
If you look closely I am actually going up it backword using the rear steer. Makes life alot easyer as the rear articualtes more then the front.

25/9/06 08:19

Anonymous Mac Dude said...

i love the stunt one :)

25/9/06 16:19

Anonymous Anonymous said...

How change truck in game??? In game only scania!

Please help!

Sorry for bad english

28/9/06 17:27

Anonymous Mac Dude said...

ralk in to the rig a deal office.

28/9/06 19:52

Anonymous Anonymous said...

New screenshots please !!!!

29/9/06 19:08

Anonymous David said...

Yeah Pricorde, show us more about new features please! :)

29/9/06 23:59

Anonymous dinsterzz said...

yea :p but, its possible that u havent been working on ror alot cuz u said u wanted to rest after 0.28

30/9/06 00:46

Anonymous David said...

New shot today :) !! Thanks, nice to see you are working on it

5/10/06 23:58

Blogger pricorde said...

Sometimes improvements can not be seen in a screenshot, like fixing a bug, or enhancing joystick configuration or aerodynamics!

6/10/06 17:47

Anonymous David said...

Well, i'm sure of that, nice to see that improvements too!!! Will we have to wait much more to see this?? hehe

6/10/06 19:12

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Talking about all these trucks, can we have one offroad 4x4 textured? And maybe a gear case for 4wd or 2wd and Hi/Lo? :)
This should get a bunch of people over to this sim from screamer and open up a lot of oportunities. :)

Btw, I love this sim, and check this site every day for updates just to read whats new in it or the ideas you have.

6/10/06 19:19

Anonymous detail said...

I've tried the game today and was amazed. Finally someone made game based on such model. Excelent! I spent several hours playing and researching the models in the editor.

But the damage modelling still lacks true falling apart. For example, if you damage a wing, not all the links break, and some triangles oscillate freely, and the wing looks like made of fabric.

6/10/06 22:09

Anonymous Wolfie said...

Wow, This Is great, but remember, all work and no play makes pricorde a dull boy!

7/10/06 09:24

Anonymous DriverX said...

Can you release the new crane, police car, etc before the next release? I'm really excited about this game. I constantly check for new versions. I'm aware that the improvements takes time, but you could release the cars till then.

8/10/06 08:46

Blogger pricorde said...

I matured 0.29 a lot this week end. Still some rough edges to cut and I think it will be released within a week.

8/10/06 23:47

Anonymous Mac Dude said...


9/10/06 03:49

Anonymous Mac Dude said...

also, i have an idea for the light efects: reuse most of the code for the flashing beacons. also, you could add a tag like forwardcommands, only like siren or somthing, that replaces the normal horn with the siren.

9/10/06 03:53

Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOOOT Can't wait,

10/10/06 20:45

Blogger jesse said...

hey, love the game i have an idea for mud! just make the water brown, and make it more dense and if yuo go to slow in it you get stuck and have to get pulled out and incase you cant get ur forums up and running again i have aforum laying around

14/6/07 20:07


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