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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Finally 0.30!

After more than two month without updates, here is version 0.30!
What's new in this version:
  • Ultra realistic sky: thanks to the Caelum plugin, you can see the sky color changing depending on the time of the day, see sunsets and even try a new night mode (Select the Caelum sky effect at startup and use the "+" and "-" keys of your keypad to change the time of the day). Requires a good videocard.
  • Gorgeous water effets: splashing, ripples and dripping effects!
  • Mouse interaction with the trucks: click on a truck and drag him around. Usefull to put an overturned truck on its wheels.
  • True turntable actuactors for cranes: no more unwanted swinging.
  • Better physics: faster, more stable, and more light car-friendly (you can adjust the strength of groups of beam).
  • A new small car contributed by c--b, good for doing doughnuts and drifting.
  • Various fixes.
I'll release the Linux version and an updated extra terrain pack later.



Blogger pricorde said...

Just a note: I have difficulties uploading the new version to the repository, so it may not be on it until we sort out the problem...
At least, the file is on the backup site.

30/12/06 00:43

Blogger Diesel_Fuel_Only said...

Hey Pricorde really great job on 0.30. I can't get enough of it. I busted my, you know, to get it finished, and while it was a lot of work I had an absolute blast making it. I hope you like it, I want it to live up to my RoR Stunt Driving vid.

30/12/06 08:17

Blogger Max said...

Great work pricorde, but here is a question: What will be in next version. For me, it will be superbly, if u would make multiplayer or something for moving ground for questls truck. Do you think about it?? But maybe its so dificult. I dont know, Im not specialist

30/12/06 11:50

Blogger pricorde said...

Great video DFO, I like it!
There are now so many possibilities in the game that I can't try them all and I always like to see videos from other people to see how they explore the game.

I have no idea what will be in the next version... multiplayer and moving ground are two very complex parts, I'm not sure they will be there soon...

30/12/06 12:30

Blogger Jonathan Pilborough said...

Just downloaded 0.3 and it looks much more realistic than 0.29b, well done!
However, in the process you seem to have broken the map the comes up when you press tab, all I get is a white square with the landmarks on it. Are you aware of this?

30/12/06 13:01

Blogger Seggons said...

Thanks alot for this release Pricorde, very enjoyable :) .
Are we going to get split throttle/brake anytime soon?

30/12/06 13:44

Blogger dinsterzz said...

hi pricorde,
its a great game :D i was wondering if u can load it up to my site so the download is much faster...


30/12/06 16:48

Blogger werner said...

i have just download it from the respority
and my god what looks that good

if i set every thing on max than i get the lowest of 6fps
but if i press on + than i get (if it is dark) better result
first 15fps dark 35fps but if i trun the shadow of than no problems for it

but if i set it on the lowest nice setting for me i can get more than 120fps in the dakar truck (lowest is 57fps)

this means that i can enough of it whitout and big problems
this is also the only game where i can't set the game on full settings
but i love it and enough it

30/12/06 17:08

Blogger dinsterzz said...

i get a nice 10-15 fps :D with water splash and such on, all the things i like :D
i crashed the plane, wich crashed ror :(
thanks for the xmas present pricorde :D
may 2007 be a good year for you :D i would say more, but then ill need to get a translator first :D

30/12/06 17:20

Blogger vicvega said...

Great stuff, to bad i cant see all this weather and water effects on my computer, must wait for better machine :( Thank you and happy New Year !!!

30/12/06 17:41

Blogger Romka said...

yea some stuff is power hungry, but thats what i like about this sim. You can try certain things and then when u seen enough, u can turn it off to enjoy the rest of the sim.
I would really like to see some off road stuff modeled in the next version. Like bing able to switch between 4wd to 2wd and between Low and High gears. I think this can benefit many trucks in this sim. Maybe we can make steaper hills and climb those. :)

and unbelivable job on .30 version.

30/12/06 20:17

Blogger DanHaribo said...


30/12/06 21:18

Blogger Diesel_Fuel_Only said...

Hey pricorde, just a quick thing. I drove the Toyota over to the dock to load it up on the port crane, and when I fired up the diesel and started to pivot the crane, it brought back some bad memories :). I think you forgot to update the port crane to use the "turntable". Just wanted to let you know. Keep up the great work!

30/12/06 21:25

Blogger ZPGamez said...

It's great Pricorde. Absoulutely fantastic

31/12/06 00:31

Blogger Zipppy said...

The night sky and lighting reminds me of Monster Truck Madness 64. Now, we may need weather and need a light up dashboard for the lights

31/12/06 07:04

Blogger Stealth said...

Very nice relese.
The only bugs I found was the map not working (all white), and editor still not working in Vista.

31/12/06 14:32

Blogger pricorde said...

A quick fix for the map problem:
Open the main map textures (aspen.jpg and nhelens.jpg) with a picture editor (like Gimp) and save them in .bmp format (aspen.bmp and nhelens.bmp) in the same directory (do not remove the original .jpg). This should fix the map.

2/1/07 13:49

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Pricorde
Very good job thanks!
I've just written a french Wikipedia article about RoR.
Could someone check if everything is right?
There are just basic informations so it would be great if someone could add some details.

Moreover, there is also an english article that needs to be cleaned and expanded.


2/1/07 15:52

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Pricorde
Very good job thanks!
I've just written a french Wikipedia article about RoR.
Could someone check if everything is right?
There are just basic informations so it would be great if someone could add some details.

Moreover, there is also an english article that needs to be cleaned and expanded.


2/1/07 15:53

Blogger pricorde said...

Salut David,
Je crois que tu as oublié de donner le lien du wiki...

2/1/07 19:21

Blogger pyllin said...

Version 0.30 it's great!! Can't sleep to see improving on the 0.31...

3/1/07 00:49

Anonymous Anonymous said...

En fait tous les articles wiki ont la même structure:
suivi du titre de l'article en remplaçant les espaces par des "underscrore"

Bref ici on a ceci.
Cet article est en partie calqué sur la version anglaise qui existait déjà... Il faudrait faire une vérification globale des infos présentées.
Merci pour ton travail!

3/1/07 11:04

Blogger crab said...

great! best game ever. but in real life a truck cant move right after engine start, you have to wait for air pressure to raise to release the breaks. you cant even push the clutch if the truck has a pneumatic clutch booster. that is because the drum brakes are hold by springs if there is no air pressure, when the air pressure is raising, its forces back the springs, the brakes are released. if you press the brake pedal, the brake valve closes, the air pressure drops and the springs forces back the brake-shoes. it may takes 5-10 minutes to get enough air after a cold start, but its depend on the size and the number of the air tanks and the copressor of course. so i think there should be an air pressure gaugage in the game to be more realistic.
btw. if something wrong happen and the trailer is detached from the truck, the lack of air pressure automaticaly brakes the trailer at its full power. sorry for my english.

19/1/07 12:41

Blogger MyFileCenter said...

Wie währe es mit ein wehnig mehr Realität?

Also was du UNBEDINGT noch ändern musst:
- Bessere Straßen
- Mehr Texturen (Siehe Gelenkbus Innen)
- Über Brücken kann man net fahren die brechen sofort ein =/
- Und mal Polygonsparend Modden. Nachts fängt der ganze PC an zu stocken
- Ein Weißer Mensch, naja ich weiss net
- In den Extrakarten gibts noch net mal Straßen =/

Von Note 1 bis 6 würde ich dir Note 4 geben. Da ist wirklich noch so gut wie garnix Perfekt.

mfG Daniel

24/1/07 21:55

Blogger Romka said...

Hi pricorde,
Great job on that giant boat. Im just curious, with all the cool stuff that this engine is capable of, cpu will eventually if not already be the limit. Im just wondering, how dificult is it to convert the code to use multiple cpu cores? Would that benefit the sim?

26/1/07 16:03


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