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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Back from Oahu

I'm back from the tropical heat, the sun and the giant waves of Hawaii. I even got the chance to ride a 6x6 Pinzgauer in the Jungle Expedition tour at Kualoa Ranch. I got a few good texture shots of it.
I've seen plenty of good stuff in the repository. I'll try to speed up to release 0.30 in time for christmas.



Blogger werner said...

that whil be briliant if you can do that for us for newyear
and i see that you also have take care of that irritant blog post of anonymous to make the only for a blogger

13/12/06 23:24

Blogger ZPGamez said...

Welcome back, hope you had fun in Oahu. Beatiful up there.

14/12/06 00:14

Blogger macdude said...

that was quick. can we have more screenshots?

14/12/06 00:49

Blogger Adeodat said...

Welcome back ! :)

14/12/06 08:20

Blogger dinsterzz said...

glad to hear you're back. hope you had fun :D 0.30 would be a wonderfull present for christmas :D

15/12/06 19:57

Blogger Xanax said...

This game is amazing even if is still not finished! Congratulations!
Some time ago i had a idea for a game much like yours, using a realist forces engine with trucks!
The concept was to racing with public transport trucks fro my country :D
Like these:

Volvo B59 - 15
Volvo B10R - 88
Volvo B7L - 35
Volvo B7R - 32
Volvo B10L - 40
MAN SL200 - 37
MAN SL200F - 37
MAN 18.310 - 148
MAN 18.328 - 5
Mercedes-Benz O405 - 110
Mercedes-Benz OC500 - 30
Mercedes-Benz Citaro – 39

Some nice machines

Hope that you can make some of this models into the game.

16/12/06 02:29

Blogger DanHaribo said...

Christmas? Pity Seggons is lying and trying to scam his way into Jamie's forum.

16/12/06 15:09

Blogger Seggons said...

If you want to discuss something Dan then go through the forums PM system. Don't do it on the blog when the comment you are making is not even relevant to the topic in hand.

Look forward to hearing from you in iver the Proboards forum or Race Sim Centrals forum :)

16/12/06 15:43

Blogger DanHaribo said...

Can't you got me banned remember!

16/12/06 21:26

Blogger Seggons said...

Not on the RSC forum your not :) Now lets stop the off topic talk and contact me via PM or email if you have a issue :)

16/12/06 22:39

Blogger pricorde said...

Just an update: don't expect too much for a christmas release!
I'm overly busy at my job and for christmas shopping, so I think its not a good idea to rush a half-finished version for christmas day.
The good news is that I'll have PLENTY of time just after christmas, so 0.30 has good chances to see the light before the end of the year 2006.

At least you'll have a few days to check your christmas presents and play with them before returning to RoR! ;-)

18/12/06 14:24

Blogger DieselFuelOnly said...

But RoR 0.30 WAS going to be my Christmas present :(

Just kidding. I think its good that you aren't overly concerned with making a deadline, I'd always rather see a better-tested version with more in it than an unstable nightly build. Its lookin' good!

In the meantime, here's a vid for you all:


19/12/06 00:50

Blogger pricorde said...

Thanks for your patience, and thanks for the videos, DFO!

19/12/06 13:23

Blogger Stealth said...

Btw pricorde, the editor doesnt work in WinVista.
Can you try to fix that? :)

19/12/06 17:54

Blogger DieselFuelOnly said...

Hows development going on the Linux version Pricorde? I'm itching to get my joystick going in Gentoo, but I see no use in that until RoR for Linux gets joystick support. P.S. have you tested it on Gentoo AMD64? If I recall you did you're testing on Gentoo. I have yet to be able to get it started, but thats mainly just because I have lacked the time to sit there and do some troubleshooting with libraries. But before I spend all that time worrying over it, it may be a better idea to just boot it all up in a 32-bit chroot. Anyway, keep up the good work!


19/12/06 23:36

Blogger WujekSzajbus said...

Can i upload your great game to my site for download ?
Of course I will notice that you are the maker and owner of this game.
And you will receive link for your game, and you can use it like a mirror for your mail site.

Please for quick reply.

27/12/06 18:56


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