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Friday, November 10, 2006

Second patch

A second patch, called 0.29b has been released for version 0.29.
It solves the bugs that appeared with patch 0.29a (manual clutch problems and sound bugs).
But there is more! Patch 0.29b adds also enhancements:
  • An accurate ground contact: no more strange behaviour on steep cliffs, and more life-like slidings, drifting, wheel lock-ups.
  • An updated sound library, that should give better hardware mode sound, and less program crashes.
  • Better airplane maniability, I underestimated the control surface authority (also, if you configure a joystick axis to the rudder, the front wheel turns with the rudder, instead of the ailerons).
  • Performance boost for water effects, expecially for the Reflection+Refraction mode.
  • More informative error messages in Ogre.log when RoR fails to parse a truck file.
As for previous patch, if you had previously downloaded 0.29, get the patch, or if you are new to Rigs of Rods, there is a patched 0.29b full download available at the download page.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

very nice

now whe can make some nice donuts
in the dodge i can make so easy a donut thanks for it

10/11/06 23:45

Anonymous Wolfie said...

Great as always pricorde

11/11/06 12:17

Anonymous Anonymous said...

super :)
good trucks :)

11/11/06 13:54

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you want to perfect it, make a little more horizontal grip, and a little less linear grip.
But for now its just fine.

11/11/06 17:04

Anonymous Bonehead said...

I love this patch, the sliding is amazing :D Thanks a lot!

14/11/06 00:18

Anonymous Anonymous said...

with cop car you can drive in water, it not sinking....:)

14/11/06 10:21

Anonymous Anonymous said...

is there a button or something to close or open the bus doors? If no, maybe you could do something. It would be more realistic ;)

16/11/06 19:11

Blogger Ivan Baldo said...

Thanks for still working on RoR, its fun and it gets better and better! :)
There is something to report though: with a Logitech Momo Wheel the accelerator pedal works as accelerator and brake both at the same time, it is somewhat weird ;).
This wheel has diferent axis for accelerator and for brake.
It doesn't happen on other games...
If you need more information or need something from me just ask.
My email is ibaldo at the server

19/12/06 22:24


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