News and Updates on the Rigs of Rods truck simulator, based on an advanced soft-body physics engine.

Friday, November 17, 2006

New repository

Thomas has made a nice and speedy repository for Rigs of Rods. Thanks Thomas! :-)
I also got it a nice address:
I will post all new releases on this repository (but I will continue to post to the "classic" download page in case of problems).
There may be some downtime and bugs, as Thomas is tuning his site.

I also updated the Linux pack, which includes now its zzip library and has an updated README.



Anonymous NB said...

Very Cool. Looks like others can upload their mods too. One more site I'm gonna have to chek daily.

18/11/06 01:21

Blogger Shrugged Atlas said...

Wow, I have not checked your website in a few months, and found a tone of new stuff that you have developed, and a large community as well. Just wow.

Very inspiring, man. Keep pushing.

18/11/06 05:07

Anonymous Anonymous said...


18/11/06 12:11

Blogger DanHaribo said...

Sweet, now if only i had a template for the repository, maybe i should finsh it :D

18/11/06 13:19

Anonymous Anonymous said...

the repository is open for all and everything,
upload there instead of making an extra rep.

18/11/06 17:32

Blogger DanHaribo said...

you don't even visit the forums and have no idea what i was talking about ::)

18/11/06 18:03

Anonymous dinsterzz said...

a little off topic, but nice water effects pricorde!

20/11/06 17:43

Anonymous David said...

Last pics looks grreeeatt!!

Any chance of putting clouds there? :)

And maybe someday we will have rain, storm... :D

Regards, keep going

24/11/06 10:55

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i hope that i can handle it whit my system to play at full than
i can only go under 25fps whit the liebherr

24/11/06 18:24

Anonymous dinsterzz said...

when can we expect a release??
it looks soo hot!!

24/11/06 19:03

Anonymous dinsterzz said...

pricorde, nice screenshots, in the previous 1's, did i see u 'driving' that boat?: p

24/11/06 22:27

Anonymous David said...

If the police car can swim, you can do a boat with it physics :D

25/11/06 10:59

Anonymous B_Lizzard said...

Make one, unified, big map, and it's just the perfect game.

Kudos for all your hard work.

25/11/06 12:06

Anonymous dinsterzz said...

pricorde, in this version when u press esc, will u get a window wich asks if ur sure?? hope so :D

25/11/06 15:42

Anonymous Sheep said...

Looks like you're working on ships, and boats. =)

25/11/06 17:10

Blogger DanHaribo said...

no, he isn't

25/11/06 17:38

Anonymous Anonymous said...

the new water effects look awsome. I can just picture rain in this sumulator. It would probably need some crazy cpu power and graphic power to simulate.

Great progress.

25/11/06 20:02

Blogger DanHaribo said...

no, just use a particle effect

28/11/06 17:58


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