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Saturday, January 06, 2007

0.30 for Linux and updated extra terrains

I just released version 0.30 for Linux. It runs the same way as 0.29b for Linux (GCC 4 runtime required), has the same features as 0.30 for Windows, but it seems this version does not render fog in Caelum sky mode.

I also updated the extra terrain pack. It contains 7 terrains (the 6 from the original extraterrain pack plus Oahu). The update consists mainly in the addition of water in some terrains.

These downloads are in the backup site, and will soon be available on the repository.



Blogger dinsterzz said...

hi pricorde, it would be cool if u could add a second exhaust, cuz when i add a second exhaust, ror crashes.


7/1/07 21:07

Blogger Billy said...

Using kubuntu 6.10 the rigs of rods 0.30 starts and selects terrain, but then locks up the whole system.

14/1/07 18:47

Blogger Tom E. said...

Could you possibly add a save game feature on the next version? it would make stuff like crossing entire terrains without the truck falling over much easier. love the game otherwise.

14/1/07 20:09

Blogger Aleixo said...

I am a big fan of Rigs of Rods !
And i want to ask if is possible in the next version add a new car, the UMM 4x4 its a old Portuguese "car", I give you a small sample of the UMM 4x4 in Dakar if you want to add this and you need some hi-quallity images talk to me !!

I realy love this game and i think that UMM 4x4 is perfect for off road (i have one my self but is the lasted model of UMM, the UMM 4x4 Alter 2 !)

Anyway this is a very good game !

14/1/07 23:03

Blogger KyleH said...

Runs just fine under my Debian Etch;
gcc version 4.1.2 20061028 (prerelease) (Debian 4.1.1-19)
Kernel: 2.6.17-2-686

I did have to install dependencies (all available from debian repositories except for the Cg libraries.)

The Cg-1.5_x86.tar.gz contains a lot of docs, etc. that are not needed. Just copy the /usr/lib items ( and and the game will start.

Note: These libs are distributable. I would suggest packaging them with the game. (See

16/1/07 01:24

Blogger Aleixo said...

omfg !

Now we can make "amphibious" !!!

30/1/07 21:13


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