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Monday, March 12, 2007


I re-released version 0.31 (codename: 0.31a) to include the bugfixed RoRconfig.
That fixes the crash if no joystick installed problem, and the joystick function deselection problem.

If you have already downloaded version 0.31, just grab this patch and replace the original RoRconfig.exe with the one in the archive.

Send comments to this post if you find other major problems with 0.31a.



Blogger pyllin said...

I think the Wahoo has a bug on it, when pressing the button to accelerate it, it does only on 1 engine, so it's very difficult to go straight with it, or i'm wrong?

Very nice release, pricorde!! :)

13/3/07 14:35

Blogger pyllin said...

And remember, in we are covering the releases and all the news about Rigs of Rods to all the spanish community :)

13/3/07 14:51

Blogger noobert said...

an exception has been thrown
function:d3d9renderwindoq::swapbuffera description:
error: presenting surfaces
file:..\src\orged3d9renderwindow.cpp line 692
stack unwinding: beginning of stack

any help would be awesome thanks

17/3/07 05:40

Blogger pricorde said...

noobert: I have never seen this but this may be due to the multithread mode. Try to use only one thread.
Also, check if you have the latest video drivers.

19/3/07 17:36

Blogger tuusita said...

A bug in controls:
My controllers:
Microsoft SideWinder Force Feedback Pro/X-akseli
Microsoft SideWinder Force Feedback Pro/Y-akseli
Microsoft SideWinder Force Feedback Pro/Kaasu
Microsoft SideWinder Force Feedback Pro/Sivuperäsin
Microsoft SideWinder Force Feedback Wheel (USB)/X-akseli
Microsoft SideWinder Force Feedback Wheel (USB)/Y-akseli
Microsoft SideWinder Force Feedback Wheel (USB)/Z-kierto

The problem description: In rorconfig I've set MsFFWheel Y-axis as Vehicle Throttle Only and Half in Vehicle tab. When I set same axis as Reverse in Aircraft tab, the Throttle only axis when driving is reversed. Still, the checkbox in Vehicle tab is empty.

Btw, pricorde. A question about the ships sinking. Do you plan on implementing 'partial' floating. Maybe make each Submesh a 'compartment' and when one compartment is broken, the other still work? It's a bit disturbing to have my huge megatanker sink with one little broken beam... =)

20/3/07 02:04

Blogger tuusita said...

Additional info on previous:
The bug doesn't work the other way though, so if I check reverse in Vehicle tab, the aircraft control still works as before...

20/3/07 02:13

Blogger DanHaribo said...

Hey, Jamie's Forum is getting F**ked Over, So use another one.

23/3/07 23:54

Blogger werner said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

24/3/07 01:02

Blogger werner said...

does four have together less updates than that from jamie
the only one that have some updates is that from rsc

jamie has cleaned up the forum yesterday

24/3/07 01:04

Blogger Jamie said...

Hey pricorde remove dans post its not needed

P.S i was cleaning forum up that was all.....

24/3/07 04:04

Blogger DanHaribo said...

Jamie, You deleted Everything, Also i got E-mails from users complaining That you had banned them, If you don't Clean up your mess, I WILL BE FORCED TO DO IT BY ALL THE PEOPLE YOU HAVE BANNED FOR NO GOOD REASON

24/3/07 14:01

Blogger jamie_mc said...

do what u think ur smart ur a little boy with no life so go get a grip

24/3/07 20:30

Blogger werner said...

that this is stil going
now not on the forum but hear how long do you have planned to stick whit this

come on please quit it

24/3/07 23:42

Blogger First Responder said...

Hi, can anyone help me? Everytime I start the game it says "This application has failed to start because OgreMain.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem" But OgreMain.dll is cleary in the folder. And I have tryed to re-install the game and it still doesn't work. PLEASE HELP ME!!

25/3/07 15:58

Blogger DanHaribo said...

jamie_mc said...

do what u think ur smart ur a little boy with no life so go get a grip
I have no life yet i have many friends, Such wise words jamie.

25/3/07 17:28


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