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Wednesday, April 25, 2007


A Multiplayer mode for RoR is under construction. We made the very first multiplay debug session last night with Thomas. You can see the result in the screenshot section and in this (historic) video he made:

There are still many details to fix, but the first results are very encouraging.


Blogger Mr. said...

Wow... this was... unexpected. Awesome work, pricorde.

25/4/07 13:37

Blogger danharibo said...



25/4/07 16:12

Blogger Abraham said...

That's so funny :D

25/4/07 16:57

Blogger Tom said...

Awesome. Can't wait for this! Nice work!

25/4/07 17:52

Blogger Kevin said...

NICE!!! Can't wait. I love this game!!

26/4/07 01:03

Blogger dinsterzz said...

hows the fps on slower machines with multiplayer

26/4/07 16:50

Blogger pricorde said...

multiplayer has negligible impact on the fps, even with lots of players, because the physics processing is distributed across all players. The only technical limit is the required network bandwidth, that increases for each new player.

26/4/07 17:25

Blogger dinsterzz said...

i see,
and how about server listing?
or is there 1 server (that runs 24/7)
olso, when press esc ingame, will there be a popup that askes if oyur sure to leave in the next version?
cause in multiplayer this will be even more annoying...

26/4/07 20:51

Blogger Diesel_Fuel_Only said...

lol did he have a little trouble letting the clutch out in the Tatra? :P :P

That's very cool, I hope that anyone will be able to host.

Keep up the good work!

26/4/07 23:36

Blogger tuusita said...

Aw darn it!
This is what I get for NOT checking up with RoR main site everyday. I've completely missed this MP thingy... 8-)

Hehheeh, can't wait to have a rockclimbing competition! =D

1/5/07 14:55

Blogger dinsterzz said...

if you need any testers i'm here ;)
just mail me and i'll be glad to test ;)

still can't believe your going multi player :)

1/5/07 20:57

Blogger christian_runescape said...

looks good. finally a multiplayer. i cant wait to have a multiplayer dragrace.
can we still place loads on the map?if not a load shop would be good to have.

2/5/07 16:52

Blogger dinsterzz said...

nice to see it work on a mac.. olso the new roads look cool

16/5/07 14:00

Blogger dinsterzz said...

olso, will there be a chat function?

16/5/07 14:02

Blogger DanHaribo said...


17/5/07 20:13

Blogger phil said...

danharibo: look in the screenshot section. That's where you can see the Mac version running.

pricorde: Both me and my 6-year-old son love RoR, so the multiplayer is an awesome development :D Thanks, what you've made is incredible!

19/5/07 04:32

Blogger Seggons said...

"No, this is NOT the Macintosh port (I still need to buy a mac to make it).
It is RoR running in Windows Vista, which is running on a Macintosh (using bootcamp)."

Above text taken from the description of the image. To be clear, it's running on Vista on a mac. :)

19/5/07 09:42

Blogger Henrique said...

really cool. can’t wait to see the final result.

22/5/07 02:56

Blogger tuusita said...

-"Is it done yet?"
-"Is it done yet?"
-"Is it done yet?"
-"Is it done.." -"No!!1"
-"Is ..." -"Nnn? Aieaargh! *KA-POW!*"


27/5/07 17:22

Blogger GAULOISES said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

28/5/07 02:14

Blogger tuusita said...

True, but considering all the new things that are being implemented it's not surprising it takes so long...

That's not to say I'm not eagerly awaiting this version along with everyone else. Gotta remember to breath every now and then... ;D

29/5/07 16:33

Blogger dinsterzz said...

hi pricorde!
nice to see the great progress of ror, any rough estimate of when ror 0.32 will be finished?
so i have something to look out for

5/6/07 19:33

Blogger vicvega said...

Very nice, cant wait to test it on LAN! Any other new features in upcoming new version?

10/6/07 19:03

Blogger Ben Slack said...

looks cool how do i get it

9/7/09 05:10

Blogger Tv sims said...

I am george and Brazil, game rigs of rods, and I did daonload of new rigs of rods game when my computer restarts

10/8/09 21:25


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