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Sunday, June 10, 2007

RoR (almost) on TV

Brian Beckman gave an inverview on physics in games, in which, among other topics, he talks about Rigs of Rods. Dr. Beckman is a physicist that worked at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, then at Microsoft research labs, where, among other things, he contributed to the physics of the racing game Forza. He is the author or one of the most comprehensive racing car physics study online.

So when he says "this is one of the best driving simulation I have ever seen", that means something must be good in RoR... :-)
He explains very well my ideas behind the physics of RoR ("overwhelming a problem with computing horsepower", "less is more"), and, as RoR proved it, the validity of such an approach given the computing horsepower available today. He then suggests this may become the future of video games, and they will look into it. Wow. I'm impressed... Time to ask for royalties to Microsoft ;-)
Anyway, thank you Dr. Beckman for your nice comments.

I extracted the part concerning Rigs of Rods from the full interview.

This interview was not broadcasted on TV, it is produced by a Microsoft video blog called Channel 9.

On the lowly development front, things are going a bit slow, I'm sorry, but the next version will feature lots of goodies and I'm working at it. Patience is your best friend.



Blogger ASAP said...

Wow! that guy sure had alot of great things about RoR and it was all well reserved. Plasma Pong is also a very cool program and is fun to play around with.

11/6/07 06:01

Blogger Crazy said...

Very very nice dude !!
This is your chance, you might even be able to get a job at Microsoft so forza 3 would have your physics engine :P

11/6/07 10:04

Blogger kev said...

nice, thats great to see you will get the credit for your method pricorde, cuddos to you.

11/6/07 10:15

Blogger pyllin said...

Great Pricorde!! RoR has potential, you know.

11/6/07 11:40

Blogger dinsterzz said...

about the road, he said its simulates broke road, wasnt it because the blocks were like that ? :D
anyways, i still love it!

11/6/07 15:44

Blogger jack said...

Two things:

1. That physicist used the words "magnificent" and "excellent" a lot. This is a good thing.

2. That physicist looked a lot like Doctor Breen from Half Life 2. This is a creepy thing.

Good press, though; woo!

11/6/07 18:45

Blogger God v2.0 said...

Great! perhaps more people will input their designs now that this video is out there. Too bad he did't remember your name, but hey, at least he gave the url...

Nice one! :)

11/6/07 22:33

Blogger Zack said...

Congrats on being on TV (almost), you and your game really deserved to be showcased.

12/6/07 04:00

Blogger Zipppy said...

Now I acn brag my friends about this. Good thng I put the video on my iPod :)

13/6/07 03:25

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

13/6/07 09:14

Blogger crab said...


14/6/07 09:16

Blogger DanHaribo said...

Is it me or are the forums down! D:

14/6/07 21:02

Blogger Go+ said...

Any news on multilayer?

13/7/07 18:27

Blogger tuusita said...

Some sort of update would be nice to see here. It's been a while since last update. =)

19/7/07 18:37

Blogger Henrique said...

Wow, just incredible!!

21/7/07 01:17

Blogger dinsterzz said...

pricorde, are you still working on rigs of rods?


25/7/07 13:19

Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes, he does

27/7/07 10:38

Blogger Michael said...

I've been using Beckman's "Physics of Racing" series as a reference for years now. After checking out your product based on the interview, I have to say, I'm impressed.

Every thought of open-sourcing it? This is the sort of thing I'd be happy to help with.

1/8/07 03:51

Blogger JohnnySX said...

Nearly 2 months since last news and no sign of Pricorde... What happened?

6/8/07 22:20

Blogger dinsterzz said...

i dont know... maybe this is the last of ror?

22/8/07 16:59


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