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Saturday, September 29, 2007

RoR 0.32, IGF, no network

Finally the long-brewing new version of RoR is out!

Contrary to previous announcements, I had to make a strategic change of priority in order to enter the Independent Game Festival, and meet their October, 1st deadline.

That important choice has two consequence:
  • I had not enough time to develop and test a functional network version before the deadline. So I concentrated on finalizing a clean 0.32, "IGF edition" version of the game, and report the network feature to version 0.33. My plan is to concentrate on network right now, and release 0.33 ASAP.
  • I will not change the way Rigs of Rods is developed until the result of the IGF.
Features of the new version are:
  • New installer package
  • Smooth roads
  • Tons of new vehicles, sorted by category, thanks to all the contributors!
  • Different spawn points for trucks, airplanes, boats, and loads
  • Experimental vegetation, thanks to Thomas
  • Upgraded objects model, LUA scripting, and mission support capability
  • Update to Ogre 1.4.3
  • Many other features and bugfix


Blogger Zack said...

Sounds great, downloading now and good luck with IGF.

29/9/07 04:44

Blogger CrushSomeStuff said...

2nd Comment! :)
Wow it's finally here!!!

29/9/07 06:02

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not having netplay is a disappointment, but the huge performance increase I seem to be getting really makes up for it. And the roads are finally usable now!

29/9/07 06:58

Blogger Амёба said...

[]\/\/\/[] - Гармонь

29/9/07 08:02

Blogger dinsterzz said...

its not too bad that there is no network function... the longer it takes, the better it will get right? :)

29/9/07 09:59

Blogger DanHaribo said...

Thank god i just checked my E-mail inbox!

Also, pardon my language, but f*ck the visuals look better than most commercial games, and i hope you tage IGF by storm, and hopefully you might win! :)

also, Pricorde, you are now on my list of people who rock.

but now i have to wait for RoR to download, Damn slow broadband :P

29/9/07 13:55

Blogger trucker0werner said...

looks very good i get alot of fps ingrease (on the normal settings)

i hope(think) that you win the IGF
whit this version

i like the keysheet.pdf

ps the repo is down and the forum to
is this because of the new release (because that is what i think)

29/9/07 17:45

Blogger DanHaribo said...

Pricorde, where did you get that picture in keysheet.pdf?

Also, the lua system rocks.

29/9/07 20:17

Blogger tobbeb said...

Oh my windowsbox broke down recently, so i'm stuck with ubuntu. Locks like some fine work there pricorde!

30/9/07 03:19

Blogger Tamás said...

Hy, I am DjTom from Hungary.
I' ve got a question so how I can disable the turbo function in the Agora L.

7/10/07 19:46

Blogger Forwarder_Boy said...

I bet your going to win the $20,000(Grand Prize)in the IGF, Pricorde

7/10/07 20:25

Blogger G said...

Is this some kind a of a joke? Until this version everything went perfectly, but now came a time of pointless and stupid "improvements" This version is all fucked up, only pointless changes were made, no real improvement at all. Everything changed to the worse. No offence but maybe it wasn't that a great idea for thomas to join the "team"

19/10/07 22:26

Blogger trucker0werner said...

every one there own idea
but i can say that the 0.32 is super
it is faster than 0.31 whit the same settings
and if you don't like the improvements than stick whit 0.31,easy as that

20/10/07 20:16

Blogger DanHaribo said...

g, How exactly is adding different spawn points for the vehicles, nicer menus, better object format, Lua and missions a pointless update, I'm sorry, but you fail.

23/10/07 17:15

Blogger dinsterzz said...

since i got 64 bit xp on my pc, i cannot play ror, it installs, but when i run configurator it says the installation might be bad :s
what can i do?

24/10/07 20:16

Blogger Sean said...

great update thanks guys. Love the extra terrains included.
Looking forward to Network release

dinsterzz: Ror works fine for me on XP64. try to reinstall.

26/10/07 19:18

Blogger dinsterzz said...

i re downloaded and it works :s

27/10/07 11:35

Blogger Steven said...

i still dont know how do build vehicles

2/8/08 03:04


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