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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Still here!

Some people worry because of the long delay since the last version of RoR. I'm still here, busier than ever. A combination of heavy workload and lack of motivation has seriously delayed the long awaited version 0.32, network edition...

Fortunately, Thomas has kindly joined me in the development of RoR, and we are now actively forging the next version. I will never thank enough Thomas for his help and brilliant dedication. I also thank Jacob for making new buildings.

It has been more than two years since RoR was revealed to the public. Lots of things have changed since: the focus has changed from physics to gameplay, and the project is so large it becomes impossible to manage it alone (hence the now collaborative development). I think RoR has reached a threshold, and I think I will change the way RoR is developped once 0.32 is out.

Thanks for you patience, and kudos to all the modders,


Blogger kev said...

Thanks for the update pricorde, and cant wait to see what surprises you and thomas have for us.

24/8/07 14:15

Blogger DanHaribo said...

Pricorde, you are the best! :)

Don't worry about taking your time, and i'm a bit intrested in this new development trend.

24/8/07 20:44

Blogger dinsterzz said...

thank god your still alive ;)
glad to hear ror is still going, think about your fans ;) motivation enough :p
u deserve to take some breaks

25/8/07 14:30

Blogger dinsterzz said...

on picture 278, do i see a new car?

26/8/07 15:21

Blogger dinsterzz said...

i think the 0.32 will involve money, since we will be able to 'buy' planes, pay attention to planeS!!
this isnt a game anymore...
its a wonderfull simulation wich many people love, and by the time i get my new pc i hope the new ror will be out and i can set everything to max and enjoy ror

27/8/07 12:40

Blogger GameDesigner said...

"and I think I will change the way RoR is developped once 0.32 is out."

What dou you mean by that? Involving more people by opensourcing? Or is this just whishfull thinking of my side?

28/8/07 18:20

Blogger dinsterzz said...

maybe new way of game creation...
like different way of truck creation... wait and see :p

28/8/07 19:58

Blogger Ian said...

I think by "buying" planes, he means spawning them...

30/8/07 17:34

Blogger dinsterzz said...

very nice work!!, it looks so real

26/9/07 19:17


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