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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Stop the press!

Rigs of Rods got mentioned in PC Gamer UK, Christmas 2007 edition (in kiosks since the end of November). And thats a whole page! Plus a copy of the game in the enclosed DVD.
That came as a surprise to me (thanks to PolyVox from the Ogre forums for the heads-up and scan).
I'm happy the spotlight was on the mods, as the modding community is growing out of control, and pulls more and more fantastic mods. I did not even knew the existence of some of the mods presented here (I'm too busy evolving the innards of RoR to track mods and forums).
So thanks to all modders and keep on modding!


Blogger Him said...

My catapult turns out to be not my catapult :(

19/12/07 16:16

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! if only I had known earlier, I would have been able to buy one!

31/12/07 17:30


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