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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel

After 10 months of gestation, we are coming close to the next release, which I estimate will be ready in about a couple of weeks. I hope the wait will be worth it, with many new features.
I would like to thank the very talented modders that help us to put the final touch to this release.

During this time, Rigs of Rods has got more and more popular, with more than 200.000 unique downloads of version 0.35. That's an incredible number for such a small project!

Thanks for your patience and dedication.


Blogger Skiv said...

Well, thats awesome news :))
Hope you finish it quickly :)

31/1/09 09:41

Blogger Kyle said...

Sweet! Keep up the good work.

1/2/09 02:48

Blogger Sean said...

Great news, Thanks!

1/2/09 03:15

Blogger Philippe said...


The current version is slow with my current computer, but I will change it in few times. And I come here every days and today I see that the next version will be out when I will have my next PC. I'm so happy. I will finally play in good quality and FPS.

Thank you very much to all the team and modders.
Ps: I'm French ;)

1/2/09 12:05

Blogger Jordan said...

Thank you for the update, it just made my day.

From the largest fan EVER of Rigs of Rods

1/2/09 23:19

Blogger Waakku^ said...

WOW!! Amazing! You guys are doing very good work there!!! And btw, your game is much better than most of high budget commercial games! It's more intresting and it keeps me on my computer more than 15 minutes. :))

Thanks guys!!

2/2/09 09:33

Blogger Chetic said...

Impressive screenshots!
I hope it looks good when you're actually playing too though, because the ground looked a bit dark there if you know what I mean. :P

I'll be checking this page several times a day now. Damn, this is going to be greeeat!

2/2/09 18:54

Blogger Will said...

Ummmmm... is that what the game is gonna look like next release? Please make there be an option of whether you want it to look like that or not, because i don't think my computer can handle that!

Take your time with the release.

4/2/09 23:31


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