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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Rigs of Rods is going Open Source

I decided to publish the source code of Rigs of Rods 0.36 under the GPLv3 licence.
Why this decision?
  • To attract and motivate more volunteers and contributors.
  • To give us some oxygen. The project is too big to maintain for just Thomas and me. Also, we have the desire to turn the page and work on new projects, possibly related to RoR, but I don't want to "kill" RoR by doing so.
  • To give back to all the Open Source projects that gave us the possibility to use their code under the LGPL, like Ogre3D.
  • To be able to use the resources offered by SourceForge for Open Source projects.
  • To ease the porting of RoR to the Linux platform.
This will have no influences on the release of 0.36, which is close to be finished (the code is finished, and we are selecting and testing the contents. Unfortunately my computer decided this was the right time to have a hardware malfunction, and I'm finishing with half my RAM!).

There will be a more formal Open Source announcement to build the hype once 0.36 is released.


Blogger Tom said...

yay. been waiting for this for years :P

9/2/09 00:18

Blogger Alex said...

Awesome, I wish I knew how to write code, then I might be able to help develop it.

9/2/09 00:20

Blogger Tuan Kuranes said...

Great news and move !

About project hosting, be sure to check too, it offers very clean and sweet project hosting too.

9/2/09 15:24

Blogger DominuZ said...

This is marvelous! I Hope that I will be able to help

9/2/09 17:04

Blogger Thomas said...

About project hosting, be sure to check too, it offers very clean and sweet project hosting too.

yes, we checked it: up to 20MB disk space ;)

we currently use ~450MB

9/2/09 18:40

Blogger Solid said...

Great decision!

10/2/09 07:50

Blogger Bill said...

i hope it will attract developers cause its a great game
unfortunately we dont see any developers being interested for open-source games

10/2/09 18:48

Blogger Him said...

Awesome : )

I will be more than happy to experiment with tire physics to try to eliminate lack loss of traction : D

10/2/09 21:01

Blogger scared said...

if my family ties have any impact on my understanding my uncle is a trainer, he trains for crane's etc. ror would be perfect for that type of application. as we all know. :).
that's an idea i might send him a link. he works for a large training company here in perth, and he is head trainer, maybe he could perswade his boss's to implament virtual training

11/2/09 08:26

Blogger Tuan Kuranes said...

"We're increasing the maximum file sizes from 20MB to 40MB, Subversion quotas from 100MB to 1GB, and download quotas from 100MB to 2GB. "

It's not a global limit but a per file limit of 40 mb

11/2/09 15:09

Blogger Stefan said...

Is this a screenshot from RoR 0.36? :O

12/2/09 16:30

Blogger jacmoe said...

Truly great news! :D

19/2/09 18:12

Blogger jeanphe said...

A chaque semaine depuis des mois je verifiais pour l'update MERCI !!!

Trop fort les physiques de demolition!!

21/2/09 21:00


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