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Monday, June 22, 2009

RoR nominated for the Community Choice Awards

Thanks to all the fans that voted in the first round, RoR managed to get in the list of the ten best projects of Sourceforge in the "Best Project for Gamers" category. Wow!
Now its time for the the second voting round, to victory!
So vote now for Rigs of Rods in the "Best Project for Gamers" category before July, 20th.
Winning will give more publicity to the project and attract more developers and artists.
Thanks for your votes.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great to hear!
I voted.

23/6/09 03:30

Blogger DominuZ said...

Congratulations again! No doubt RoR is the best. I'm voting right now.

23/6/09 17:55

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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29/6/09 04:37

Blogger pradeep said...

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3/7/09 11:54

Blogger Raggi5 said...

awesome, even though i am banned i still love ror and how far it goes everytime i look! Pricorde, please let me back? email me at!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6/7/09 07:39

Blogger Eliasvan said...

I regretted RoR was closed source in the past, but since this professional game became (luckily, thanks!) open source, it can get more support of other developers (mainly to support Linux + maybe force feedback support?).
Of couse I voted! It wouldn't be surprising if RoR wins the awards!

13/7/09 22:20

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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18/7/09 19:40

Blogger LLC said...

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20/7/09 08:23

Blogger persistentblogger said...

awesome!!!... and nice to know that this blog is from you pricorde. ROR FTW!!!

24/7/09 15:26

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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8/9/09 17:00


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