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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rigs of Rods 0.36.3 released

finally, after lots of work we put a version number on it:
0.36.3 (codename Portland)

You can view the changelog here.
As previously, you can get the new version by using the installer.

thanks everyone who contributed on this great effort.


Blogger Sean said...

Sounds great, thanks very much!

29/1/10 19:14

Blogger qubodup said...

I seem to be unable to compile on Arch Linux 64bit. I get

4/2/10 03:53

Blogger tdev said...

i have opened a bug ticket for you:

4/2/10 09:35

Blogger freddy said...

de veras y como puedo descargarlo porque lo quiero tener por que la otra version 0.35 online no me sirve ningun terreno a ver si este al menos me sirve.

Por favor dime el link


30/6/10 18:38


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