News and Updates on the Rigs of Rods truck simulator, based on an advanced soft-body physics engine.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

RoR 0.18 update

Cool new things in this version:
  • Diesel engines are now equipped with an audible intercooled turbocharger
  • Engine sounds are completely reworked and greatly improved
  • Two new self-loading trucks:
    • Multibennes: a loading system commonly used in europe, in which two pivoting arms moves a chained container. With this one you pull a 10 tons load!
    • Ampliroll: another popular loading system, very smart balancing. With this one you can pull a 15 tons container with a 15 tons truck without legs!
  • Automatic load strapping : just press 'O' to secure the load
  • Hydrolic power coupled to the engine
  • New indicators on the dashboard, plus more keyboard help

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

New version : RoR 0.17

Finally a new version.
The new feature is a beginning of a self-collision system. What does that mean? With the green crane truck you can pick crates and put then on the back of the truck and roam "loaded".
From the readme:
Special instructions for the "6x6 crane flatbed with crates" green truck:
This truck has a knuckleboom crane, controlled by function keys F1...F10.
To unfold the crane, use F4, then F6 and F8.
Use F1 and F2 to rotate the crane. Rotation can be tricky, use momentum and waddle to go in the right direction.
To load a crate, first deploy the crane legs with F12 until it reaches the ground.
Then, put the extremity of the crane in close contact with the center of the cross on top of a crate.
Press "L" to lock the crate. The cross center should be gripped to the crane. If not, move closer and try again (change the point of view to be sure where you are).
Pull the arm up (F4 and F6).
Place the crate on the back of the truck. Avoid balancing movements. You must be sure you cleared the sides of the truck.
Once the crate positionned, press "L" again to unlock the crane.
Stow the crane (F4, F7+F5+F1, F3).
Stow the crane legs (F11).
Now you can roam with the crate loaded.
Trick : press "L" while the crane and the legs are stowed to lock the crane on the leg. This avoids breaking the crane in case of accident.

Note that the collision system is still in development, so :
-expect slowdown while using this truck
-only the back of the truck is collisionnable with the crate
-Only point-polygon collision are implemented. This means that objects will interpenetrate in case of edge-polygon or edge-edge collision.

This is just the beginning, more goodies to come...

Other minor updates:
  • Transition to Ogre 1.0.5 (some bugfixes)
  • Needles are now correctly displayed whatever the display and camera mode