News and Updates on the Rigs of Rods truck simulator, based on an advanced soft-body physics engine.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

DAF Turbotwin

This is the ultimate race truck. Seen in the Paris-Dakar 1986, the Turbotwin used two 500hp engines, one for each axle! It was so fast it overtook cars. Unfortunately, the next year a deadly accident imposed a ban on these high-powered monsters. It's oversized wheels makes it sturdy and easy to handle in difficult high-speed situations.

Agora L articulated bus

This is a Paris RATP articulated bus. I made it just for fun, because I ride it every day to go to work. The handling is horrible offroad, because of the low ground clearance and the rear propulsion. It's a challenge to haul this up on a hill without jack-knife it, so you'd better stay on the road with this one!

Tatra T813

A famous 8x8, with independent articulated half axles. Good for rough terrain, keeping a good traction whatever the situation is, but hard to handle at high speeds.

Renault flatbed with crane

It is based on a Renault Premium. Lightweight, sturdy, a little wobbly, but it goes everywhere (it is a 4x4). This is the first truck ever build for RoR. The crane is funny to play with, but a little useless for the moment. You can use it to go upright in case of overturn.

Paris-Dakar DAF De Rooy

A heavy 6x6, my favourite. From an assistance truck of team De Rooy at the Paris-Dakar 2005 (texture is from G. Rutka). You just feel the flex of the 28 tons (13 tons dry weight plus a 15 tons load). The rear axles are specially balanced to fit complex terrain. Plus it has an active suspension to avoid overturning. In case of overturning you can use two hydrolic arms to put it upright.

Truck description posts

From now on, I will post a serie of posts describing each truck in the game.

RoR 0.15 update

The version 0.15 is out with the following improvements:
  • Performance: some textures have been resized to decrease VRAM requirements, and a more efficient collision detection engine.
  • Roads! It is easiest to drive on roads with some vehicles (like the bus), but it is not the shortest path, and it may be dangerous to cross at high speed offroad.
  • A new truck. A Paris Dakar legend : the DAF Turbotwin. The original had two 500hp engines and was fast enough to compete with cars!

Sunday, September 04, 2005

RoR 0.14 update

A new version is out!
What's new:
  • A gorgeous dust effect: the wheels and other truck parts kicks dust realistically! But it steals some frames per seconds, so use this effect only if RoR runs fast on your computer.
  • Better collision handling and buildings reshaping. Also in one scenery you have a stairs stand to play with.
  • A terrain map! Press TAB.
  • Better handling: the direction is smoother and self-centers, there is a real shifter with Rear, Neutral, Drive, 2 and 1.
  • You can see the pedals! This is usefull for me to debug the autoshifter.
You can get this new version in the download section.