News and Updates on the Rigs of Rods truck simulator, based on an advanced soft-body physics engine.

Monday, March 12, 2007


I re-released version 0.31 (codename: 0.31a) to include the bugfixed RoRconfig.
That fixes the crash if no joystick installed problem, and the joystick function deselection problem.

If you have already downloaded version 0.31, just grab this patch and replace the original RoRconfig.exe with the one in the archive.

Send comments to this post if you find other major problems with 0.31a.


Sunday, March 11, 2007

Version 0.31 is ready!

Finally, the much awaited version 0.31 is ready for download.
It includes many goodies:
  • Boats, with a small wahoo, a Class 1 speedboat contributed by cdquicksilver, and a very large high sea tug, the Smit Rotterdam, that has a rollable platform.
  • A new terrain, called "island", that is still under construction but that will soon replace the two classic RoR terrains, because they are not realistic islands.
  • Infinite sea with waves. Take the Smit and sail far from the island: you will encounter high swells offshore. You can even configure the wave fields (see the data\wavefield.cfg file).
  • A separate configurator program. Now you must start the RoRconfig program first, to choose your configuration options, save them, then start RoR. This configurator adds more joystick configuration options.
  • An experimental shift stick mode that uses a force feedback joystick to simulate the grid of the gearbox. (see the readme)
  • Serious bugfixing: camera shaking has been dramatically reduced, and the "crash on plane crash" problem is mostly eliminated.
  • Addition of the Challenger car contributed by hemicuda.
There are still many rough edges in this version. Boat dashboard, propulsion and rudder systems are very crude, there are many things to do to complete the Island terrain, there is no joystick buttons and keys configuration yet, and some vehicles needs upgrades, not to mention some very good vehicles on the repository that should be integrated, and trucks file management needs also a general overhaul. Oh, and I forget I did not do a car ferry!!!
Remember that all this is a hobby for me, and my free time is very limited so be patient.

I'm also searching for a good, pro bono, 3D artist to help me to overhaul scenery objects (to design a master texture and model small cities and villages) contact:


Edit: The RoRconfig configurator crashes when no joystick is present. You can try to replace it with this fixed version. Comment here how it works, I'll add it to the official package tomorrow (have to go to bed!).