News and Updates on the Rigs of Rods truck simulator, based on an advanced soft-body physics engine.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

RoR 0.22: Let there be light!

Finaly a new version. This one features:
  • Lights! Several trucks now have functional lights. Press "N" to activate. No night mode yet, but nice anyway...
  • A new interesting truck: a Scania truck carrier. With this one you can do the same thing as the carrier trailer, but with a better framerate. Use F1/F2 for the ramp. There is also a winch with "O".
  • Several bug fixes: the character can walk on the roads, etc. Press "space" to make him jump over obstacles.
I am also still searching for an Ogre3D-ready animated character that looks like a trucker. If you are a good modeler and know how to make an animated character, you can help me. Reuse of an existing work is also welcome, as long as it is legal. No money, only fame. To contact me about this, send me a PM on the forum.


Friday, February 03, 2006

RoR 0.21

A new version is available. This one features not a lot of code improvement, but adds two very interesting trucks:
  • A wrecker truck, and the beginning of a Rescue mission: when you are stuck, press "R" and you are teleported to the nearest wrecker truck
  • A truck carrier trailer. Funny, but it requires a lot of CPU power to operate with a truck on it.
I also corrected some bugs, and changed a bit the camera mode.